Schliemann's Excavations: An Archaeological and Historical Study

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Macmillan and Company, 1891 - Excavations (Archaeology) - 363 pages

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Page 218 - ... with the head to the east, and the feet to the west ; the other two were lying with the head to the north and the feet to the south.
Page 372 - In 2 vols. Cr. 8vo. Vol. I. The Poets, with an Appendix on Homer by Prof. SAYCE.
Page 310 - Eumaeus, the master of his swine, where he is well used and tells a feigned story, and informs himselt of the behaviour of the wooers, BUT Odysseus fared forth from the haven by the rough track, up the wooded country and through the heights, where Athene had showed him that he should find the goodly swineherd, who cared most for his substance of all the thralls that goodly Odysseus had gotten. Now he found him sitting at the front entry of the house, where his courtyard was builded high, in a place...
Page 59 - I struck upon a large copper article of the most remarkable form, which attracted my attention all the more, as I thought I saw gold behind it.
Page 313 - ... the shadowy west. Verily it is rough and not fit for the driving of horses, yet is it not a very sorry isle, though narrow withal. For herein is corn past telling, and herein too wine is found, and the rain is on it evermore, and the fresh dew. And it is good for feeding goats and feeding kine; all manner of wood is here, and watering-places unfailing are herein.
Page 310 - Ithaca, that thou mayst be assured. Lo, here is the haven of Phorcys, the ancient one of the sea, and here at the haven's head is the...
Page 310 - Now at the harbour's head is a long-leaved olive tree, and hard by is a pleasant cave and shadowy, sacred to the nymphs, that are called the Naiads. And therein are mixing bowls and jars of stone, and there moreover do bees hive. And there are great looms of stone, whereon the nymphs weave raiment of purple stain, a marvel to behold, and therein are waters welling evermore. Two gates there are to the cave, the one set...
Page 60 - ... to fall down upon me. But the sight of so many objects, every one of which is of inestimable value to archaeology, made me reckless, and I never thought of any danger. It would, however, have been impossible for me to have removed the treasure without the help of my dear wife, who stood at my side, ready to pack the things I cut out in her shawl, and to carry them away.
Page 308 - ... the breath of the wind. And the daughter of Icarius started up from sleep, and her heart was cheered, so clear was the vision that sped toward her in the dead of the night. Meanwhile the wooers had taken ship and were sailing over the wet ways, pondering in their hearts sheer death for Telemachus. Now there is a rocky isle in the mid sea, midway between Ithaca and rugged Samos, Asteris, a little isle ; and there is a harbour therein with a double entrance, where ships may ride.

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