Schmollers Jahrbuch für Gesetzgebung, Verwaltung und Volkswirtschaft, Volume 13

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Duncker und Humblot., 1889 - Germany

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Page 9 - The earliest instance of the prohibition of export is found in the action of the Oxford parliament of 1258. The barons then " decreed that the wool of the country should be worked up in England, and should not be sold to foreigners, and that every one should use woollen cloth made within the country...
Page 54 - Extrait du rapport au roi , concernant le service de la caisse d'épargne postale des Pays-Bas en 1887. Franeker, F. Koksma. 8".
Page 140 - States at the tenth census (June 1, 1880); embracing extended tables of the population of states, counties and minor civil divisions, with distinction of race, sex, age, nativity and occupations; together with summary tables derived from other census reports, relating to newspapers and periodicals; public schools and illiteracy; the dependent, defective and delinquent classes, etc.; compiled and published pusuant to acts of Congress approved March 3, 1879, April 20, 1880, and Aug.
Page 15 - ONE thing I do know : Never, on this Earth, was the relation of man to man long carried on by Cash-payment alone. If, at any time, a philosophy of Laissez-faire, Competition and Supply-and-demand, start up as the exponent of human relations, expect that it will soon end.
Page 141 - I, 1880), embracing general statistics and monographs on power used in manufactures; the factory system; interchangeable mechanism; hardware, cutlery, etc.; iron and steel; silk manufacture; cotton manufacture; woollen manufacture; chemical products and salt; glass manufacture; compiled and published pursuant to acts of Congress, approved March 3.
Page 141 - Report on the production of agriculture embracing general statistics and monographs on cereal production, flour- milling, tobacco- culture, manufacture and movement of tobacco, meat production.
Page 42 - Life and Work of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury.
Page 55 - Gide, Charles, professeur d'économie politique à la faculté de droit de Montpellier: Principes d'économie politique.
Page 142 - The United States mining laws and regulations thereunder, and state and territorial mining laws, to which are appended local mining rules and regulations, compiled under the direction of Clarence King.
Page 54 - What is political science? An inaugural lecture given in the Convocation Hall of the University of Toronto, 9th November 1888.

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