School: A Monthly Record of Educational Thought and Progress, Volume 2

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J. Murray, 1904 - Education
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Page 28 - Now, who shall arbitrate? Ten men love what I hate, Shun what I follow, slight what I receive; Ten, who in ears and eyes Match me: we all surmise, They this thing, and I that: whom shall my soul believe? Not on the vulgar mass Called "work...
Page 199 - MODERN SCHOOL BUILDINGS, Elementary and Secondary. A Treatise on the Planning, Arrangement and Fitting of Day and Boarding Schools. With special chapters on the Treatment of Class-Rooms, Lighting, Warming, Ventilation and Sanitation. By FELIX CLAY, BA, Architect.
Page 70 - It is common at Ilfracombe, and at Torquay; and indeed everywhere where there are cracks and small holes in limestone or slate rock. In these holes it fixes its base, and expands its delicate brown-grey star-like flowers on the surface : but it must be chipped out with hammer and chisel, at the expense of much dirt and patience ; for the moment it is touched it contracts deep into the rock, and all that is left of the daisy flower some two or three inches across, is a blue knot of half the size of...
Page 15 - The course of instruction must be complete; ie must be so planned as to lead up to a definite standard of acquirement in the various branches of instruction indicated above, and not stop short at a merely superficial introduction to any one of them. Secondary schools are of different types, suited to the different requirements of the scholars, to their place in the social...
Page 119 - Medals offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music, and the Royal College of Music...
Page 15 - ... applied Science, of literary and linguistic study, or of that kind of acquirement which is directed simply at fitting a boy or girl to enter business in a subordinate capacity with some previous knowledge of what he or she will be set to do...
Page 89 - Pupils from every part of the township enjoy a graded school education, whether they live in the most remote corner of the township or at the very doors of the central school. The line between the country-bred and the village-bred youth is blotted out.
Page 143 - ... we are influenced in our deeper, more temperamental dispositions by the life-habits and codes of conduct of we know not what unnumbered hosts of ancestors, which like a cloud of witnesses are present throughout our lives, and that our souls are echochambers in which their whispers reverberate.
Page 202 - ... frequently changed and cannot be expected to accomplish much unless supported by popular sentiment in favor of bird protection. This object can only be attained by demonstrating to the people the value of birds, and how can it be accomplished better than through the medium of the schools? Briefly stated, the object of Bird Day is to diffuse knowledge concerning our native birds and to arouse a more general interest in bird protection.

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