A School Economic History of England

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Read Books, 2006 - History - 332 pages
CONTENTS PAGEINTRODUCTION PART I.HOW MEN LIVED IN THE ELEVENTH CENTURY The Village Towns and Trade The King's Revenue. The Army PART II.CHANGES BY THE END OF THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY The Manorial System in its Prime Growth of the Towns. Rise of the Gilds Home and Foreign Trade Taxation. Money PART III.THE FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH CENTURIES The Decay of Villeinage and the Break-down of the Feudal System The Woollen Industry War, Trade, and Economics The Mediaeval Church PART IV. 1500-1660 Rural England in the Sixteenth Century Industry and the Towns Overseas Trade and England's Expansion Government Policies PART V. 1660-1750 Rural England from the Restoration to the Eve of the Great Enclosures Manufacture, Trade, and Commerce Government Taxation LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Handwriting, 1086. Specimen of Domesday Book A Balk or Dividing Strip, Upton St. Leonards. The Lynches at Upton St. Leonards. A Forge. (MS Harl. 603.) Ploughing (From the Saxon Calendar) A Wailed Town. An early view of Hull Saxon Footmen and Norman Cavalry. (Bayeux Tapestry) Map showing ' Three-field ' System A Windmill, (Luttrell Psalter. Early fourteenth century.) A Flourmill (Queen Mary's Psalter. Royal MS. 2 B vii, Brit Mus. Early fourteenth century)..... Pruning and Planting Trees, (Queen Mary's Psalter. Royal MS 2Bvii, Brit. Mus. parly fourteenth century) Mowing. (Ditto) Weeding. (Ditto) Reaping. (Ditto) Wine-making. (Ditto) Sowing Corn. (Ditto) Catching Rabbits with Ferret and Net. (Ditto) Catching Birds with Net. (Ditto) Threshing Corn with Flails, (Ditto) Rope-making. (Lattrell Psalter, Early fourteenth century) Rustics of the Thirteenth Century. (Strutt, Dress and Habit of the People of England...... A Bakehouse. Building Operations in the Eeign of Henry III. A Dispensary, (MS. at Trinity College, Cambridge.) A Loom* A Country Cart. (Luttrett Psalter. Early fourteenth century Merchant with Cartload of Merchandise. (MS. Reg. 19 c. viii, 496) . King's Seal for Recognizances of Debts at Oxford. Temp. Rich* II, Three Methods of Calculating. (Douce Prints, 1543) Reckoning with Costing-counters. Principal Trade Routes ETC Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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