School Fare Subsidy: Hearing, Ninety-second Congress, First Session, on S. 1340 and H.R. 6638. June 9, 1971

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Page 6 - provided that such interest rate 6 from contributions or other payments to be made by the federal 5 limitation shall not be applied to any bonds which are payable solely 7 government], 1 317-39. 3 disposition of any authorized issue of bonds. The Board may sell 2 The Board may fix terms and conditions for the sale or other
Page 10 - liable for any torts occurring in the performance of a governmental function. The exclusive remedy for such breach of contracts and torts for which the Authority shall be liable, as herein provided, shall be by suit against the Authority. Nothing contained in this Title shall be construed as a waiver by the District of Columbia, Maryland,
Page 4 - and the amount which would have been paid if such fares had been at the lowest adult fare set by the Commission for regular route transportation. Upon receipt of such certification, the Commissioner of the District of Columbia is required to pay each carrier the amount so certified by the Transit Commission.
Page 6 - 4 bonds at less than their par or face value but no issue of bonds may 5 be sold at an aggregate price below the par or face value thereof if 6 such sale would result in a net interest cost to the Authority
Page 7 - tion, whenever in its opinion it is necessary or advantageous to the 4 Authority to do so, any real or personal property, or any interest 5 therein, necessary or useful for the transit system authorized herein, € except property owned by the United States, by a signatory, or any
Page 7 - 1 SEC. 5. And be it further enacted, That the provisions of this Act shall be severable and if any phrase, clause, sentence .or provision
Page 10 - Code 1961, Supp. IV, Sections 13511368). Proceedings for the condemnation of property located elsewhere within the Zone shall be instituted and maintained, if applicable, pursuant to the provisions of the Act of August 1,1888, as amended (25 Stat. 357, 40 USC 257) and the Act of June
Page 7 - 4 thereof to any signatory party, Political Subdivision or agency 5 thereof is held invalid, the constitutionality of the remainder of this Act and the applicability thereof to any other signatory party,
Page 9 - In any such situation, the Authority, in order to encourage private carriers to render bus service to the fullest extent practicable, may, pursuant to agreement, make reasonable subsidy payments to any private carrier. Rights of Private Carriers Unaffected

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