School of the battalion

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S. H. Goetzel, 1863

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Although this work is wonderful in it's historical content, and gives an insight into the workings of the minds of the Military Leaders during the War; The issue I have is the same as I have seen on nearly every digitized book.
In this book page 47 and 48, (Thumbs); page 54 (smear); 66-67 (5 pages of illustration? and one of text); page 98 (folded page); 86-86 (smeared and folded, text and illustration), 116-117 (smeared illustration, partially blocked page); 136-137 (folded); 138 (offscreen); 142 (offscreen); and nearly the entire last third of the book with pages 207, 224, and 228 being prime examples.
(Note, these are the actual page numbers of the book, not the computerized references which are usually different.)
I applaud the effort to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." according to Google's 'mission' statement, but without better quality control, or at least some way to request the botched up pages, I think they are falling substantially short of the goal.

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Page 11 - ... major on the left sergeant of the battalion, who will be careful to place himself exactly four paces in rear of the front rank, and to hold his piece between the eyes, erect and inverted, the better to indicate to the major the direction to be given to the covering sergeants.
Page 20 - When the battalion shall break by platoon to the right or to the left, each first lieutenant will pass around the left of his company to place himself in front of the second platoon, and for this purpose, each covering sergeant, except the one of the right company, will step, for the moment, in rear of the right file of his company.
Page 154 - ... company arrives at the centre of the column, will command, 1. Such company by the right (or left) flank. 2. MARCH. The senior captain of the two companies will place himself in front of the centre of his division, and command, Guide right; the junior captain will place himself in the interval between the two companies. The two companies thus formed into a division will take the touch of elbows to the right, and when each division has gained its proper distance, its chief will cause it to march...
Page 33 - To ploy the battalion in rear, or in front of the fourth division, the colonel will command: 1. Close column by division. 2. On the fourth division, left (or right) in front.
Page 87 - The first marker will be placed at the point of appui for the right front rank man of the leading company ; the second will indicate the point where one of the three left files of the same company will rest when in line ; they will be placed so as to present the right shoulder to the battalion •when formed.
Page 177 - If the column be formed by division, the chiefs of division will each pass by the interval in the centre of his division, and the file closers by the outer flanks of their respective companies; the junior captain in each division will step into the rear rank, and be covered in the front rank by the covering sergeant of the left company.
Page 163 - ARTICLE FOURTEENTH. Dispositions against Cavalry. 817. A battalion being in column by company, at full distance, right in front, and at a halt, when the colonel shall wish to form it into square, he •will first cause divisions to be formed; which being done, he will command : 1. To form square. 2. To half distance, close column. 3. MARCH (or double quick — MARCH).
Page 149 - The colonel, wishing to change front to the rear on the right company, will impart his purpose to the captain of this company. The latter will immediately face his company about, wheel it to the left on the fixed pivot, and halt it when it shall be in the direction indicated to him by the colonel ; the captain will then face his company to the front, and align it by the right against the two markers, whom the colonel will cause to be established before the right and left files.
Page 93 - ... nearest man of the next company. The captain of the latter will commence firing as soon as the captain of the third company, in line, shall have commanded front; the marker before the nearest file of the second company, in line, will now retire, and the guide before the opposite flank will place himself before the nearest file of the third company, in line, and so on, in continuation, to the last company on the left or right of the battalion, according as the formation may have commenced with...
Page 138 - ... colonel will command : 1. Three right companies, forward, into line. 696. At this command, the captain of each of these three companies will command, By company, right half wheel. The colonel will then add : 1. Double quick. 2. MARCH. 697. At this, briskly repeated by the captains of the three companies, each company will conform itself to what is prescribed No. 690 and following.

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