Science for Cultural Heritage: Technological Innovation and Case Studies in Marine and Land Archaeology in the Adriatic Region and Inland : VII International Conference on Science, Arts and Culture : August 28-31, 2007, Veli Lošinj, Croatia

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World Scientific, 2010 - Architecture - 300 pages
Archaeological and archaeometric data in the study of the athlete of Croatia / M. Michelucci -- Ion beam techniques for analysis of cultural heritage objects : collaboration between the Ruder Bos̮ković Institute and the Croatian Conservation Institute / S. Fazinić ... [et al.] -- Study by mobile non-destructive testing of the bronze statue of the "Satiro" of Marsala / G. Guida ... [et al.] -- Archaeometric Measurements with PIXE in Slovenia / Z̮. S̮mit -- In situ chemical composition analysis of cultural heritage objects using portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry / D. Wegrzynek ... [et al.] -- Integrated geophysical techniques for the high-resolution study of archaeological sites / M. Pipan and E. Forte -- Thermoluminescence dating and cultural heritage / M. Martini and E. Sibilia -- New x-ray digital radiography and computed tomography for cultural heritage / F. Casali ... [et al.] -- Cosmic rays for archaeology / G. Giannini -- Some examples of examination, characterisation, analysis & conservation techniques dedicated to archaeological artefacts / J. L. Boutaine -- Presentation of DEMGOL : online etymological dictionary of Greek mythology / E. Pellizer -- Building up an archaeological restoration & conservation department in Friuli-Venezia Giulia / F. Lo Schiavo -- Relative sea level changes by using archaeological markers : the INTERREG Italia-Slovenia Project "Alto Adriatico" / S. Furlani, F. Antonioli and R. Auriemma -- Digitization and multispectral analysis of artistic objects : exemplary cases and web documentation / G. Maino and S. Massari -- Actuopalaeontology : a polyfunctional tool for archaeology / G. Bressan ... [et al.] -- Robotics tools for underwater archaeology / G. Conte ... [et al.] -- Accelerators and radiation for art and archaeology / C. Tuniz -- The [symbol]C contribution to the protohistory of Friuli (North-Eastern Italy) / P. Cāssola Guida -- Serpentinite shaft-holed axes in the Caput Adriae : preliminary results and perspectives based on x-ray computerized microtomography / F. Bernardini ... [et al.] -- Mummies - a special report results of CAT scan analyses of Egyptian mummies in the Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte of Trieste / M. V. Torlo -- ANGLE software for semiconductor detector gamma-efficiency calculations and possibilities for its applications to cultural heritage objects characterization / S. Jovanovic and A. Dlabac -- Hominid fossils as universal and national cultural heritage : an essay on past and present attitudes towards the ownership of hominid fossils and the question of repatriation / P. V. Tobias

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Archaeological and Archaeometric Data in the Study of the Athlete of Croatia M Michelucci
Collaboration between the Ruder Boškovic Institute and the Croatian Conservation Institute S Fazinic I Božicevic Z Pastuovic M Jakšic D Mudronja ...
Study by Mobile NonDestructive Testing of the Bronze Statue of the Satiro of Marsala G Guida D Artioli S Ridolifi and G E Gigante
Archaeometric Measurements with PIXE in Slovenia Ž Šmit
In Situ Chemical Composition Analysis of Cultural Heritage Objects Using Portable XRay Fluorescence Spectrometry D Wegrzynek E ChineaCano A...
Integrated Geophysical Techniques for the HighResolution Study of Archaeological Sites M Pipan and E Forte
Thermoluminescence Dating and Cultural Heritage M Martini and E Sibilia
New XRay Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography for Cultural Heritage F Casali M Bettuzzi R Brancaccio and M P Morigi
The INTERREG ItaliaSlovenia Project Alto Adriatico S Furlani F Antonioli and R Auriemma
Exemplary Cases and Web Documentation G Maino and S Massari
A Polyfunctional Tool for Archaeology G Bressan G Fonda S Kaleb R Melis M E Montenegro P Mourguiart N Pugliese R Riccamboni A Russo N So...
Robotics Tools for Underwater Archaeology G Conte S Zanoli D Scaradozzi and L Gambella
Accelerators and Radiation for Art and Archaeology C Tuniz
The 14C Contribution to the Protohistory of Friuli NorthEastern Italy P Cāssola Guida
Preliminary Results and Perspectives Based on XRay Computerized Microtomography F Bernardini E M Kokelj N Sodini D Dreossi S Favretto G De...
Mummies A Special Report Results of CAT Scan Analyses of Egyptian Mummies in the Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte of Trieste M V Torlo

Cosmic Rays for Archaeology G Giannini
Some Examples of Examination Characterisation Analysis Conservation Techniques Dedicated to Archaeological Artefacts J L Boutaine
Online Etymological Dictionary of Greek Mythology E Pellizer
Building Up an Archaeological Restoration Conservation Department in FriuliVenezia Giulia F Lo Schiavo
ANGLE Software for Semiconductor Detector GammaEfficiency Calculations and Possibilities for Its Applications to Cultural Heritage Objects Chara...
An Essay on Past and Present Attitudes Towards the Ownership of Hominid Fossils and the Question of Repatriation P V Tobias

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