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John Bulloch, John Alexander Henderson
D. Wyllie and Son, 1889 - Genealogy

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Page 184 - And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field ; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life...
Page 2 - Convention; and that, for the purpose of giving effect to the said guarantee, the Lord High Treasurer, or the Commissioners of the Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or any three or more of them, for the time being...
Page 106 - Gospel consists in the use of a peculiar word for ' fish ' (o-fy-dpiov), ' opsarion,' • "sotahiiri which properly means what was eaten along with the bread, and specially refers to the small, and generally dried or pickled fish eaten with bread, like our ' sardines,' or the ' caviar ' of Russia, the pickled herrings of Holland and Germany, or a peculiar kind of small dried fish, eaten with the bones, in the North of Scotland. Now just...
Page 44 - Years; and that the Copyright in every Book which shall be published after the Death of its Author shall endure for the Term of Forty -two Tears from the first Publication thereof, and shall be the Property of the Proprietor of the Author's Manuscript from which such Book shall be first published, and his Assigns.
Page 143 - I'll do the best that do I may, While I have power to stand; While I have power to wield my sword I'll fight with heart and hand.
Page 141 - There is one rude and grotesque drama which they are accustomed to perform on each of the four above-mentioned nights, and which, in various fragments or versions, exists in every part of Lowland Scotland. The performers, who are never less than three, but sometimes as many as six, having dressed themselves, proceed in a band from house to house, generally contenting themselves with the kitchen for an arena, whither, in mansions presided over by the spirit of good-humour, the whole family will resort...
Page 74 - My master at first laughed at me ; but, when I explained my meaning to him, he encouraged me to go on : and that I might make fair copies in the day-time of what I had done in the night, he often worked for me himself. I shall always have a respect for the memory of that man.
Page 74 - Queen of Scots : her persecutions, sufferings, and trials from her birth till her death. With a full exposure of the intrigues of Queen Elizabeth ; the conspiracies and...
Page 158 - re none of your roguish sort, But come of your nohle train. If you don't believe what I say, I '11 call in the king of Macedon, And he shall clear his way! Enter KING. Oh ! oh ! what is this I Ve done ?— I 've killed my brother Jack, my father's only son. TALKING MAN. Here's two bloody champions that never fought before; And we are come to rescue him, and what can we do more ? Now Galatian he is dead, and on the floor is laid, And ye shall suffer for it, I 'm very sore afraid. BLACK KNIGHT. I 'm...
Page 158 - Farmer's son — Now, that young man is dead, sir, And on the ground is laid ; And you shall suffer for it I'm very sore afraid. Wallace — It was not me that did the deed, Quite innocent of the crime ; It was the fellow behind my back That drew his sword so fine.

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