Scrapbooking Techniques

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Allen & Unwin, 2005 - Paper work - 100 pages
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This is a hands-on guide to the basic techniques that are used in the popular craft of scrapbooking. Practical information on what materials and equipment you need to get started are included.

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Page 47 - I lowever. in this instance, the heat tool must be used with caution, since many new stickers are plastic based. EMBOSSING POWDERS Embossing powders are available in a wide range of colours. They are to be used in conjunction with an embossing ink pad. Simply ink the stamp with embossing ink and stamp the image on to the paper. Next, sprinkle on the desired embossing powder colour. Tap off the excess embossing powder. Use the heat gun to set the powder. Once set. the image will appear raised and...
Page 58 - If not, the acid in the stickers will migrate to the surrounding papers and photographs. Check for 'acid-free' on the label when you purchase stickers. When working with stickers, try to group them together to create a scene. Anchoring stickers will create interest and depth in a layout. They must have purpose and meaning on the page so they can enhance the theme. Remember to always keep a layout balanced. This includes the positioning of stickers.
Page 20 - Frames can be made from specialty paper, patterned paper or almost any other material, including metal, fabric, foam core and even shrink plastic. Consider the size of the photo when determining the width of the frame in order to maintain balance. The frame's inside edge must be slightly smaller than the photo so that the frame completely covers the photo. The outside edge can vary in size, provided it covers the photo. Ar» when you finally fly away, l'll be hoping that 1 servec you well.
Page 48 - Creating titles A title is an important element of a page. It tells the reader who the page is about or what event is being featured. It can set the mood of the page as the scrapbooker can select the colours and fonts that suit each layout. The title may be dignified and formal for a heritage or wedding layout, or hip and bright for a layout about children. IDEAS FORT1TLES The inspiration for a title might be immediate or it might require some thought.
Page 49 - To use the stencil in the Template section of this book, turn it over and trace each letter with a pencil on to the back of a sheet of paper. Cut out with a pair of scissors. This method avoids any erasing. However, some printed papers need to be face up to ensure appropriate use of the pattern. A vanishing-ink pen or a soft pencil (refer to the step-by-step section on page 75) is used when working with the stencil face up.
Page 11 - Strap-hinged albums allow the book to expand to the length of the strap. Facing pages lie flat, enabling continuity in a double-page spread. The albums usually come with a white background page. Page protectors for these albums can be side-loading or top-loading. Post-bound albums are expandable, with the addition of extra posts. Pages in post-bound albums can be easily moved around and arranged. Page protectors for these albums are top-loading.
Page 51 - Adhere the letter to plain cardstock to create the matting. Use a ruler or a Magic Matter disk to create the guidelines around the letter. Cut out with a scalpel or sharp pair of scissors. 3 Embellish the letter as desired. In this case, pen stroke 'stitching' was created by marking the edge of the printed paper layer with dashes to add a handmade look.
Page 49 - Titles can be created using computer fonts downloaded from the internet. On the Soulmate layout the title has been printed onto a piece of cardstock then hand-cut with a craft knife. A good pair of craft scissors can be used to cut titles printed onto cardstock. TITLE EMBELLISHMENTS A title can be created or embellished with notions, metals and chalks to add character and appeal. The heading A Day Spent with Friendson page 74 shows two different techniques.
Page 57 - If two letters appear, simply add a space. Print a test-copy on plain paper. 2 Add a shadow to the vertical text in the narrow box. Select the text box and eliminate the black outline (using the Format Text menu). For the second text box, use horizontal print that has been centred. Change the text colour to match your layout and print a test copy.
Page 6 - Many businesses, from florists to restaurants, use scrapbooks to showcase their various products and services. Albums can be created as special gifts, such as mini brag (baby) books, kitchen tea (recipe) collections, wedding anniversary and birthday books. The beauty of this craft is that there is no right or wrong. Scrapbooking should be a meaningful experience for the creator, free from judgment or critique. The selection of photographs, papers, embellishments and journalling should reflect the...

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