Seasons of Magic: A Girl's Journey

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Llewellyn Worldwide, 2001 - Juvenile Fiction - 153 pages
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Twelve-year-old Erin has always enjoyed celebrating the changing of the seasons with her family, but as she listens to her friend Rachel explain to their class what Christmas means to her, Erin realizes that she doesn't understand exactly why her family celebrates the Winter Solstice.

Erin's mother suggests that she ask Evangeline, a wise older woman who agrees to teach Erin about the magic of the seasons. Erin promises to take her studies seriously, and she soon finds that her joy of discovering the deeper levels of meaning embedded within her family's beliefs and rituals is balanced by quiet contemplation and hard work.

As Erin watches the Wheel of the Year turn, she discovers that the changing seasons also mirror changes in her relationship with her inner self and those around her.   This heartwarming tale of one girl's magical journey will delight readers of all ages.

Along the way you will discover lessons about Imbolc (February 2, a time of returning light); Spring Equinox (March 20, promises of spring); Beltaine (May 1, the sowing of seeds); Summer Solstice (June 21, the fullness of summer); Lammas (August 2, the first harvest); Fall Equinox (September 21, the full harvest); Samhain (October 31, the season of ancestors); and Yule (December 21, a celebration of the darkness of winter).

Seasons of Magic also includes a journal with questions to help you further explore the seasonal festivals and design your own celebrations.

In the following excerpt, Erin discovers the magic of Mother Nature:

"Good morning, Erin. Another good picking, I see."
"Yes, it is," Erin said, setting down two cereal bowls, each filled to the brim with berries. "I keep expecting the berries to run out, but every day there are more, almost as though they're magic bushes."

Evangeline's eyes twinkled as she replied. "They are magic, Erin. Natural earth magic, that is," she said, laughing from deep down in her belly. Erin was always amazed at that laugh that was so big yet came from a woman so small.

"What do you mean, earth magic?" Erin asked, settling down into a chair, eager for one of Evangeline's lessons. . .


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About the author (2001)

Laurel Ann Reinhardt has been interested in alternative spirituality since her childhood.  Her spiritual path has included: Christian Science, Congregational, Celtic/Druidic, the works of Seth/Jane Roberts, Parmahansa Yogananda, Jewish/Christian mysticism, and most recently the Diamond Path work of A.H. Almaas.  Though some people may say that such spiritual eclecticism does not allow one to go deeply enough into any tradition, Laurel feels that a varied path is the way in which we will realize that all paths are really one.
Laurel has two goddess-daughters; one aged twenty-one and one aged four.  Seasons of Magic: A Girl's Journey grew out of experiences with her oldest goddess-daughter, and her fifteen years of participation in a women's cross-quarter day celebration group, of which she is a founding member.
Laurel has a Ph.D. in psychology and is a practicing psychologist and writer.  In her work as a psychologist, she uses dreamwork and ritual to help people listen deeply to themselves in order to reconnect with their soul dreams, those yearnings that give meaning and purpose to life.  She also writes about the changing face of psychology and its relevance for today's world.

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