Secret Corruption

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Xulon Press, 2012 - Business & Economics - 180 pages
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"This book will refresh and revive you to the beginning stages of a new revolution!" JEREMY LOPEZ, D.D. Identity Network, Inc., President "I recommend this book to everyone who is concerned about truth and justice being smothered and suppressed within the U.S." MARYAL BOUMANN Pray California, Director DO NOT go to court without FIRST reading this book! Reading it could save you BIG money! Not Reading it will cost you more! Rev. Scott Wallis, a leading pro se litigator, has represented himself in 50+ cases worth $5+ billion dollars before Illinois state and federal courts against top law firms. To date, his largest victory, the reversal of his $500+ million dollars lawsuit against parties that bankrupted USA Baby(R), Inc., America's Leading Specialty Retailer of Infant and Children's Furniture and Accessories(R). Court Street, a Multi-Trillion dollar industry, routinely dispenses injustice in justices' name. The attorney "fraternity" has ordained a black-robed wall of silent perdition, an inseparable barrier preventing what America and Main Street needs most - justice. Why? Money! Court Street is overseeing the greatest redistribution of wealth in mankind's history - from Main Street to Wall Street. Secret Corruption exposes hidden corruption taking place daily behind the walls of Court Street. Court Street's corruption is impacting your life; it is literally bankrupting America. Take a revealing look at our nation's most secretive and corrupt enterprise! Buy this book! "I urge everyone who desires that America returns to its Just Foundation to purchase this book and let your voice be heard!" MARK SILJANDER Member of Congress (ret.), 1977-81 United States Ambassador, 1987-88 Mohandas K. Gandhi Peace Award, 1996 Author, A Deadly Misunderstanding, 2008 "I commend this book to you, if you can keep your blood pressure under control: as you read it, you will share the outrage Scott expresses." GENE REDLIN Business Owner

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Without the missing pages and the final chapter, I provide this commentary. The content was clear and claiming no more and no less than stated which is good. What is good ammo for legal arguement I expect still needs to be coloured for reality check but in no way detracts from the praise it deserves. There are very few or hardly any differences to judicial corruption where there is separation of powers, judicial independence and judicial immunity and the insistent reasons for Constitutional inclusion that are negated by 'Secret Corruption'.
What's missing is the colouring from the non-legal and also illegal interests of organised crime - no monopoly's possible with $ multi-trillions for the taking. That gives a 'murky dark brown' colour, and there is also 'yellow' making up the mix from the main power positions in the corrupted justice tree, secretly invisible but leaked widely in public and so100% fake that a US $1 bill in your possession risks indictment for counterfeiting.
To be convincing to the reader I would prefer the author to be personally (past tense) cognizant of all current interests and secrets, but expect some degree of cellular security to be still maintained.
There is also a vitally important factor that unifies whatever the entire incarnate monster is, and that is the irresisible attraction for all types of psychopaths.
It doesn't matter whether these others are included because psychopaths lack prospects for rehabilitation (as with paedophiles) when considering appropriate solutions for accountability.
The black and white presented in Secret Corruption will be soon on my bookshelf as another reason for me to get up each day. Corruption is anathema to creation.


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