Secret Wee Caves: In the Vales

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Christine Sinclair Artist, Jun 9, 1918 - Fairy tales - 11 pages
Secret wee Caves the third Story in the Series In the Vales A fun, discovery, light fantasy story about a young girl that inherit her Grammy's Cottage in the Vales, then starts to remember some of Grammy's favourite stories of her wee friends. I hear Max the Purple Dragon is such a gentleman, find out more by reading my wee story. "These stories allow you to enter into a parallel world set within our local community. They will take you on a journey to allow your imagination to tell the tales of the adventurous characters in a variety of unique situ's. The dialogue twists between now and then to provide a rich connection to the character's shenanigans, which motivates the reader to visualise beyond the text to create deeper meaning and connection to self, family and the community we live in."

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About the author (1918)

HelloI would like to introduce myself. My name is Christine Sinclair.Over the past 30 years, I have been creating wee stories. It is only now that I have grown into my stories, I have more time to nurture them and well, have the confidence to see my wee books out in the light of each day."In the Vales" is a series of wee Children's Quite Time stories, written with primary school children in mind. To this date, I have created 4 wee stories. All created "In the Vales". Meaning each story's location is in a quaint hamlet between the hills and the oceans south of Adelaide. The history of the area is woven into the pages of each book, with an undertone of learning, of old fashion manners, beliefs, and family times of connecting, communicating with love. The characters, even though illustrated as fictional characters are actual children I have met right here over my 10 year visit. Illustrated here, written here, printed here, self-published here, sold here and launched right here "In the Vales.The storyline starts with a Grandchild all grown up, who comes back to her Grammy's (Grandmother's) cottage, inheriting the premises after her Grammy's passing from this world. While building her JOY again in the wee township called?.., she starts to remember her Grammy's stories and tales. Keen to rediscover them all, as she enjoyed the feeling of joy that each story gifted her as a wee bairn. She starts to write them down, dream about them a lot, and stays up late to paint the wee characters as she did as a wee child, but then surreal moments grab her attention and she wonders if her Grammy's stories are becoming real!

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