Sedimentary Geology: Sedimentary Basins, Depositional Environments, Petroleum Formation

Front Cover
Editions TECHNIP, 2002 - Science - 642 pages
In this work, the reader will find the basic concepts and vocabulary of sedimentary geology, along with a presentation of the new ideas that are in current use in petroleum exploration. This abundantly illustrated book will serve as an excellent educational tool and remain a valuable resource and handy reference work in any petroleum geology library.Contents: 1. Basics of dynamic geology. 2. Continental and oceanic basins. 3. Sedimentary driving mechanisms and environments. 4. Time evolution: Sedimentary sequences, stratigraphy. 5. From sediments to sedimentary basin rocks and mountain chains. 6. Petroleum systems. IndexState of Strain. 2. State of Stress. 3. Thermodynamics of Continuous Media. II. Mechanism of Material Strain. 4. Linear Elasticity. General Theory. 5. Plane Theory of Elasticity. 6. Behaviour of a Material Containing Cavities. 7. Thermodynamics of Saturated Porous Media. 8. Infinitesimal Thermoporoelasticity. 9. The Triaxial Test and the Measurement of Thermoporoelastic Properties. 10. Thermoporoelastoplasticity. General Theory and Application. III. Mechanisms of Material Cohesion Loss. 11. Fissuring. 12. Introduction to Damage Theory. 13. Appearance of Shearing Bands in Geomaterials.

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