Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Political Science - 356 pages
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Greg Morrow quits his job as a stockbroker to tour the U.S., and live life as it presents itself. He's forty-two years of age with above average looks. He makes a pit stop at the Bagdad Cafe, which is located on Route 66 in the small desert town of Newberry Springs, California. While there, he meets Bonnie Hensley, the first woman that he's attracted too since his divorce of one year ago, and they begin dating.Bonnie makes her home there and portrays herself as being a sweet, loving woman, and Greg falls madly in love with her. He's unaware that she had stolen a large sum of money from her ex-husband, who is presently serving a two-year prison term. Her ex-husband promised to track her down and kill her upon his release if she ran off with the money. She had moved to Newberry Springs in hopes he wouldn't find her.Upon returning home from a date, they find Bonnie's house had been ransacked. She realizes that her ex-husband had tracked her down, and was searching for the money. She informs Greg about the money, and the threat her ex-husband had made. Taking advantage of Greg's love, Bonnie talks him in to helping her get away, taking the money with them. Greg realizes that he's putting his life on the line, but his deep love for her overrides his fear of death. The money was also an incentive in his decision to help her.They take off across country in his SUV, doing everything possible to throw her ex-husband off their trail, but somehow, he manages to keep tracking them down. She asks Greg to help her come up with a plan to permanently stop her ex-husband from following them, insisting it would be self-defense. It's a request that he would rather not have to fulfill, but his love for Bonnie is such, he would do whatever she asked of him.Upon implementing his plan, Greg's life takes an inexplicable turn, which results in him being unable to keep from becoming entwined in love, lies, betrayal and revenge.

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