Selected Essays, 1. kötet

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1878

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324. oldal - little less poetical, and certainly more useful in her way: ' A creature not too bright or good, For human nature's daily food; For transient sorrows, simple wiles, Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears, and smiles.
125. oldal - Envy must own I live among the great No pimp of pleasure, and no spy of State: With eyes that pry not, tongue that ne'er repeats, Fond to spread friendships, but to cover heats; To help who want, to forward who excel, This all who know me, know; who love me, tell.
120. oldal - had little real admiration for the greatest of poets: and he frequently read aloud from Ben Jonson's ' Discoveries:'— ' I remember the players have often mentioned it as an honour to Shakspeare, that in his writings, whatsoever he penned, he never blotted out a line. My answer hath been, " Would he had blotted out a thousand !" ' Rogers always laid a strong emphasis on the concluding sentence.
96. oldal - finer forms, the miracles of art; Here chosen gems, imprest on sulphur, shine That slept for ages in a second mine; And here the faithful graver dares to trace A Michael's grandeur and a Raphael's grace! Thy gallery, Florence, gilds my humble walls, And my low roof the Vatican recalls.
81. oldal - distinction, power, Are baubles nothing worth, that only serve To rouse us up, as children in the schools Are roused up to exertion. The reward Is in the race we run, not in the prize And they, the few, that have it ere they earn it, VOL. i.
108. oldal - Why, what is the matter 1" " Oh, don't you know he has produced a couplet ? When our friend is delivered of a couplet, with infinite pain and labour, he takes to his bed, has straw laid down, the knocker tied up, expects his friends to call and make
33. oldal - Good life be now my task : my dcubts are done : What more could fright my faith than three in one ?' The Hind and Panther. Fox, in conversation with Rogers, termed Dryden's defence of
139. oldal - bailiffs may seize his last blanket to-day Whose pall shall be held up by nobles to-morrow.' But it cheers the heart to see one neither great nor highborn stepping forward to prevent that last blanket from being seized ; and, ' in the train of all this phalanx of
91. oldal - so confined ! Who guides the patient pilgrim to her cell ? Who bids her soul with conscious triumph swell ? With conscious truth, retrace the mazy clue Of summer scents, that charmed her as she flew ? Hail, Memory, hail! thy universal reign Guards the least link of Being's glorious
356. oldal - of admiration,— that of all men he is the most open, the most honourable, the most amiable. With his politics I have nothing to do; they differ from mine, which renders it difficult for me to speak of them. But he is perfectly sincere in

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