Selecting and Growing House Plants

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1979 - House plants - 32 pages

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Page 29 - Manufactured-gas injury (unburned cooking gas in the atmosphere). Improper watering. Exposure to cold drafts. Insect attack. Excess fertilizer. Overwatering. Lack of fertilizer. Insect attack. Overwatering. Burning from direct sunlight.
Page 30 - This one was made from a large brandy snifter. Terrariums require little care after they are planted. Dig moss from the woods and line the sides of the container below soil level with the moss against the glass. Now prepare a soil mixture of equal parts of garden soil, sand, and peat moss, enough for a layer iy2 to 2 inches deep.
Page 31 - Poinsettia needs a cool room, full sunlight, and moist soil. If the plant is in good condition when you get it, it should keep its colored bracts for 3 weeks at a room temperature of 70. If the temperature is kept between 55 and 60, red poinsettias will stay colored for 4 to 6 weeks and white poinsettias for 2 months.
Page 16 - ... humidity. Special requirements. — Provide with a pole or totem for support. Prune occasionally to keep in bounds. WANDERING-JEW Description. — Three species of plants belonging to the spiderwort family are called wandering-jew — Zebrina pendula, Tradescantia- ftuminensa, and Commelina nudiflora.
Page 3 - Success in growing decorative plants in the home probably depends as much on good judgment in selecting the plants as on skill in caring for them.
Page 14 - Plant in regular potting mixture; keep the soil moist. Grow in indirect sunlight, warm temperatures, and low humidity. Special requirements.
Page 19 - Culture. — Plant in humus soil ; keep the soil moist. Grow in full sun or bright, diffused sunlight, warm temperatures, and medium to high humidity.
Page 16 - Culture.— Plant in regular potting soil ; keep the soil moist. Grow in indirect sunlight, warm temperatures, and low humidity.
Page 7 - ... colors and patterns. Coleus thrives in a warm atmosphere. It needs plenty of sunshine and moisture, but will survive chilling or overwatering. Culture. — Plant in regular potting soil ; keep the soil moist. Grow in full sun, warm temperatures, and medium humidity. Special requirements.
Page 13 - The leases are shaped like daggers. Philodendrons often are grown on trellises or moss-covered poles. When one of these plants grows to the end of the supporting pole, its stems sometimes begin to growrapidly and the plant produces widely spaced small leaves.

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