Selections for German Prose Composition

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Allyn and Bacon, 1889 - German language - 174 pages

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Page 165 - reizt (or, verlockt), kann, wenn sie wahr ist, sich selbst erlösen (or, ihre eigne Erlösung erwirken). — "he who seeks repentance for the past should woo the Angel Virtue in the future," wer Busse für Vergangenes will thun, muss mit der Tugend Engel sich •vereinen (Kr.), or, muss dem Engel " Tugend" huldigen, or, "Wer für die Vergangenheit
Page 24 - they have imitated the holy Boniface, and leve'led the enchanted oak to the ground. The followers of the new faith, the apostles of Liberalism, were vexed, on the other hand, that the tree could not serve as a Liberty Tree, or, at any rate, as a barricade. In fact the tree was too high
Page 34 - heart are not lies, is to be the noblest, as it is the last; isolated in space from the races that are governed by dynasties whose divine right grows out of human wrong, yet knit into the most absolute solidarity with mankind of all times and places by the one great thought he inherits
Page 23 - what you please; I maintain, that, with all his errors and shortcomings, he was a glorious specimen of a man." " He certainly was. Did it ever occur to you that he was in some points like Ben Franklin, — a kind of rhymed Ben Franklin? The practical tendency of his
Page 162 - thou art the author of such a book of follies in a man, that it would need the tears of all the angels to blot the record out." Es ist dein Werk Im Manne solch ein Buch voll arger Thorheit, Dass aller Engel
Page 61 - Daily and nightly, pour'da mourner's prayers; Tell him ev'n now that I would rather share His lowliest lot, — walk by his side, an outcast, — Work for him, beg with him, — live upon the light Of one kind smile from him, — than wear the crown 5 The Bourbon lost! MEL.
Page 24 - stone upon the grave of Manfredi, at Benevento. But, of all that has been said or sung, what most pleases me is Heine's Apologetic, if I may so call it; in which he says, that ' the minor poets, who flourished under the imperial reign of Goethe, resemble a young forest, where the trees
Page 52 - Or pallid with despair — just as the gale Varies from north to south — from heat to cold ! Oh, woman ! woman ! thou shouldst have few sins Of thine own to answer for ! Thou art the author Of such a book of follies in a man,
Page 164 - Wort—was dies Herz, welches, wenn es von ihm scheidet, bricht, ihm sagen möchte. l 28: "never nursed a thought that was not his ; — that on his wandering way, daily and nightly pour'da mourner's prayers," keinen Gedanken gehegt, der nicht von ihm (or, nur an ihn gedacht), dass Tag und Nacht auf seinen Wanderpfad
Page 34 - flights; with huge leviathans always ready to take him on their broad backs and push behind them with their pectoral or caudal fins the waters that seam the continent or separate the hemispheres ; heir of all old civilizations, founder of that new one which, if all the prophecies of the human

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