Selections from the Records of the Government in the Department: Public Works Department Series, Issue 19

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Page 23 - M., to the address of the Secretary to the Government of Bengal in the Public Works Department, and your No.
Page 28 - ... and the value thereof added to or deducted from the contract sum as the case may be, the decision of the architect being final and conclusive in all matters affecting the proposed works. The amount of the contract will be paid by instalments equal to the value of 801.
Page 93 - It shall be of such strength that a bar one inch square, and 38 inches long, will, when supported at points 36 inches apart, and loaded in the middle, bear a weight of not less than 7 cwt.
Page 54 - ... a church in the second story, having a ceiling eighteen feet high, a gallery in the south end, and a pulpit, &c. in the north — the building to be covered with slate, and an observatory of twenty feet above the roof — the whole of the materials and workmanship to be of the best, and finished (without any additional expense) by the middle of the ensuing month, (November,) for the sum of ten thousand five hundred dollars. — To meet the payments under this contract, which were to be monthly...
Page 66 - England which can boast a purer supply. The cause of deterioration is the great increase of vegetable matter in the lake, which is filled with myriads of plants of a low form of aquatic life, probably of the Protococcus class, one of the Confervoid Algce. It does not merely float on the surface, but apparently thrives at all depths, and it consists of a minute , PLATE Cdaba, SKEiCTOM MAf> or )18TRIBUTION OF THE PRINCIPAL MAINS IN THE ISLAND.
Page 64 - I advocate that all pipes should in India be placed above ground. In England it cannot be done on account of the frost. If this difficulty could be got over there by jacketing the pipes, I am certain it would result not only in their better preservation, but in an enormous saving of water. All leaks would be immediately discovered, and could therefore be at once stopped.
Page 6 - CHAPTER XIII. ON CALCULATING THE DIMENSIONS OF PUMPS AND ENGINES. The capacity of a pump is regulated by the quantity of water to be pumped, and is independent of the height to which the water is to be lifted. Its dimensions must therefore be such as to contain the quantity of water to be raised at each stroke of the piston ; and hence if we have Q = the...
Page 66 - Filtration through sand (5 or 6 feet thick if possible) is the most efficient means of purification of all foul water, on a large scale, hitherto discovered. It is desirable, however, that the filters should be allowed to run dry at least once a week, so as to allow the pores of the sand to become filled with air. Thus filtered and afterwards kept in covered reservoirs, the water of the Vehar Lake could not fail to be rendered good and palatable.
Page 66 - ... sheets of extremely fine copper gauze fixed to cages placed over the mouths of large pipes which pass into a masonry tower. In the bottom of this tower is fixed the mouth of the outlet pipe (41 inches in diameter) which passes under the dam, and conducts the water to Bombay. Two strainers are ordinarily sufficient to supply the tower with water as fast as it is drawn off by the outlet pipe, and, as the purity of the water in the lake is in proportion to its nearness t Vide his paper on the "...
Page 95 - ... by either of them or otherwise. And for finally concluding the said corporation and the said contractor in the matters of the aforesaid, this submission to reference may be made a rule of any of her Majesty's superior Courts of Westminster on the application and at the expense of the said corporation or of the said contractor respectively, pursuant to the statute in that case made and provided, and the costs and charges (if any) attending any such reference shall be in the discretion of...

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