Selections from the works of the baron de Humboldt [as tr. by J. Black] relating to ... Mexico. With notes by J. Taylor

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Էջ 32 - Rome, surpasses in beauty and purity of style everything which remains in this way in Europe. Instruction is communicated gratis at the Academy of Fine Arts. It is not confined alone to the drawing of landscapes and figures; they have had the good sense to employ other means for exciting the national industry. The academy labours successfully to introduce among the artisans a taste for elegance and beautiful forms.
Էջ 199 - No where does the lower people enjoy in greater security the fruit of their labours than in the mines of Mexico; no law forces the Indian to choose this species of labour, or to prefer one mine to another ; and when he is displeased wich the proprietor of the mine, he may offer his services to another master who may pay perhaps more regularly.
Էջ 294 - They were bounded by basaltic mountains, of which the structure seems to indicate, that all this country at a very remote period had been already several times convulsed by volcanoes. These fields, watered by artificial means, belonged to the plantation (hacienda) of San Pedro de Jorullo, one of the greatest and richest of the country. In the month of June, 1759, a subterraneous noise was heard.
Էջ 296 - Queretaro were then covered with ashes at a distance of more than 144 miles in a straight line from the scene of the explosion. Although the subterraneous fire now appears far from violent, and the Malpays and the great volcano begin to be covered with vegetables, we...
Էջ 32 - Argand's lamps, contain every evening some hundreds of young people, of whom some draw from relievo or living models, while others copy drawings of furniture, chandeliers, or other ornaments in bronze. In this assemblage (and this is very remarkable in the midst of a country where the prejudices of the nobility against the...
Էջ 97 - Blanderilla, the nutritive fruit of the banana tree no longer comes to maturity. In this foggy and cold region, therefore, want spurs on the Indian to labour, and excites his industry. At the height of San Miguel, pines begin to mingle with the oaks which are found by the traveller as high as the elevated plains of Perote, where he beholds the delightful aspect of fields sown with wheat.
Էջ 56 - ... the purchasers, indemnifies the cultivator for the privations to which he is exposed from the hard life of the mountains. Thus from the hope of gain alone, and the motives of mutual interest, which are the most powerful bonds of society, and without any interference on the part of the government in...
Էջ 55 - Mexico, we every where see the most striking example of the beneficial influence of the mines on agriculture. Were it not for the establishments formed for the working of the mines, how many places would have remained desert? how many districts uncultivated in the four intendancies of...
Էջ 31 - No city of the new continent, without even excepting those of the United States, can display such great and solid scientific establishments as the capital of Mexico.
Էջ 294 - September every thing seemed to announce the complete re-establishment of tranquillity, when, in the night between the 28th and 29th, the horrible subterraneous noise recommenced. The affrighted Indians fled to the mountains of Aguasarco. A tract of ground from three to four square miles in extent, which goes by the name otMalpays, rose up in the shape of a bladder.

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