Self Defense for Vehicle & Traffic Court And Small Claims

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AuthorHouse, May 28, 2010 - Law - 224 pages
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Dedication of Joseph R. Cea:

This book is dedicated first and foremost to my wife, Nanette, for putting up with me and my idealistic views of The Constitution that have brought her misfortune by mere association to someone willing to take on an entire police department in the name of justice.

Secondly, to my entire family for giving inspiration but especially to my parents for providing life and education, my brother Frank for providing an opposing view to every idea I've ever had, to Daniel for providing enough traffic violations to work with and my grandmother for recognizing the “fighter” in me and to those that helped along the way including Jack Burns and Pamela Clickner......

Lastly, to anyone who has ever felt that the traffic violation they were just handed or the mechanic's bill they just received was unjustified and/or completely false but lost in court. Either because they didn't know how to proceed and defend themselves or believed that court procedures were too complicated to bother and decided to drop the case knowing they were cheated.

Dedication of Daniel A. Cea II

I would like to thank my brother Joseph for giving me the knowledge, drive and inspiration to learn what I have and the opportunity to work with him on this book and help make it a reality. Also to other members of my family: My parents for being endlessly supportive, my brother Frank for being my brother (enough said on that) and my Uncle Mike.

I would also like to thank Deans Pamela Pollard and Kevin Slavin of Westchester Community College. If not for their lack of integrity, mistreatment of students and general bad attitudes I would not have the drive to complete this book so I can tell them to “Kiss My @#$%”


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The Police
Reviewing the Ticket
Avoiding Radar Laser and VASCAR
The Violation Section
Preparing For Trial
Preparing Questions for the Ticketing Officer
Burden Of Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
Defensive Driving
New York City Appeals and EZ Pass
Against Lawyers
Filing Fees Forms and Adjournments
Pictures and Diagrams
Cited Case Laws for Dealing With

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About the author (2010)

We aren't police officers, retired or otherwise, or attorneys and no desire to be either. We do consider both classes of people a necessary evil but choose to avoid each on a regular basis. We're everyday "schmos" who are sick of being lied to and seeing person after person plea to violations when they had exonerating evidence in their hand and didn't know how or when to use it. Joseph is actually a science teacher with an interest in law and court procedures. Among the advice given to his students is that "knowledge is power". In other words, if you know what laws apply and protect you before you get stopped by the police or confronted by a prosecutor then you won't get taken advantage of and end up financially supporting the state and/or town due to false allegations.Daniel is a professional driver who has more than 11 years experience in logistics, truck driving and more recently school bus driving. "While I realize the importance of rules and safety on the road, I also know the need to know when certain laws are impractical in some situations" We firmly believe if more people were made aware of these laws and court procedures then it is possible, in many cases, to prove that a violation couldn't have occurred thereby saving you a lot of money and aggravation with the motor vehicle department and your insurance.Also, we absolutely hate and despise bureaucracy, red tape and any decisions made with either as a basis. With that in mind we offer two of our favorite phrases. "If you can't beat them (city hall) join them then beat them" and when dealing with politicians or government officials - "There is no more deeply rewarding, religious experience than cheatin' on a cheater".

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