Semiconductor Nanolasers

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Cambridge University Press, Feb 16, 2017 - Science - 324 pages
4.4 Motivation for 3D Confined Coaxial Nanolasers -- 4.5 Design and Fabrication of Optically Pumped Coaxial Nanolasers -- 4.6 Emission Characterization of High [beta]-factor Coaxial Nanolasers -- 4.7 Emission Characterization of Unity [beta]-factor Coaxial Nanolasers -- 4.8 Rate Equation Analysis of Unity [beta]-factor Coaxial Nanolasers -- 4.9 Perspective on Plasmonic Mode Nanolasers -- 5 Antenna-inspired Nano-patch Lasers -- 5.1 Optical Mode and Radiation Pattern of Nanopatch Lasers -- 5.2 Experimental Demonstration of Optically Pumped Nanopatch Laser -- 5.3 Toward Low-threshold, Engineerable Radiation Pattern, and Electrical Pumping -- 6 Active Medium for Semiconductor Nanolasers: MQW vs. Bulk Gain -- 6.1 Current Injection in Semiconductor Nanolasers -- 6.2 Optical Cavity and Material Gain Optimization -- 6.3 Reservoir Model for Semiconductor Lasers -- 6.4 Laser Rate-equation Analysis with the Reservoir Model -- 6.5 Discussion -- 7 Electrically Pumped Nanolasers -- 7.1 Optical Mode Design with Realistic Geometrical Parameters -- 7.2 Cylindrical Nanolasers with InP Undercut -- 7.3 Cylindrical Nanolasers without InP Undercut -- 7.4 Cubical Nanolasers without InP Undercut -- 8 Multi-physics Design for Nanolasers -- 8.1 Simulation of Nanolasers' Electrical and Thermal Performance -- 8.1.1 Ohmic Resistance -- 8.1.2 Calculation of Self-heating -- 8.1.3 Simulation of Nanolaser Heat Dissipation -- 8.2 Choice and Fabrication Techniques of Dielectric Material for Thermal Management -- 8.3 Comparison of Device Performance with Different Dielectric Shield Material -- 8.3.1 Optical Performance -- 8.3.2 Electrical and Thermal Performance -- 8.3.3 Discussions -- 8.4 Preliminary Experimental Validation and Analysis with Al[sub(2)]O[sub (3)] Shield -- 8.4.1 Experimental Validation and Optical Mode Analysis -- 8.4.2 Electrical and Thermal Analysis of Measured Device

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Photonic Mode Metaldielectricmetalbased Nanolasers
Purcell Effect and the Evaluation of Purcell and Spontaneous Emission
Plasmonic Mode Metaldielectricmetalbased Nanolasers
Antennainspired Nanopatch Lasers
MQW vs Bulk Gain
Electrically Pumped Nanolasers
Multiphysics Design for Nanolasers
Cavityfree Nanolaser
Photonic Integrated Circuits and Other
Appendix A Spontaneous Emission in Free Space and Cavity
Modeling Thermal Effects in Nanolasers
Constriction Resistance and Current Crowding in Nanolasers

Inversionless Excitonpolariton Microlaser

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About the author (2017)

Qing Gu is Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas, where she directs research in the Nanophotonics Laboratory. Her research interests include the experimental investigation of miniature semiconductor lasers and other nanophotonic devices, novel light-emitting materials, quantum behavior in nanostructures, and integrated photonic circuits.

Yeshaiahu Fainman is Cymer Professor of Advanced Optical Technologies and Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. He directs research in the Ultrafast and Nanoscale Optics Group. He is a Fellow of the OSA, the IEEE, and SPIE.