Senses and intellect. [v. 2] Feeling and will

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Page 161 - ... trains of motion in the animal spirits, which, once set agoing, continue in the same steps they have been used to, which, by often treading, are worn into a smooth path, and the motion in it becomes easy, and as it were natural.
Page 343 - Aims to furnish a tolerably complete outline of the astronomy of to-day, in as elementary a shape as will yield satisfactory returns for the learner's time and labor. It has been abridged from the larger work, not by compressing the same matter into less space, but by omitting the details of practical astronomy, thus giving to the descriptive portions a greater relative prominence. From THE...
Page 343 - To facilitate its use by students of different grades, the subject-matter is divided into two classes, distinguished by the size of the type. The portions in large type form a complete course for the use of those who desire only such a general knowledge of the subject as can be acquired without the application of advanced mathematics. The portions in small type comprise additions for the use of those students who either desire a more detailed and precise knowledge of the subject, or who intend to...
Page 197 - That one idea may suggest another to the mind, it will suffice that they have been observed to go together, without any demonstration of the necessity of their coexistence, or without so much as knowing what it is that makes them so to coexist.
Page 98 - ... we shall the better conceive the possibility that the multitudinous forms of Mind known as different feelings, may be composed of simpler units of feeling, and even of units fundamentally of one kind.

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