Sessional Papers, Том 38,Део 3

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The Legislature, 1906
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Страница 2 - ... properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the company's affairs according to the best of their information and the explanations given to them, and as shown by the books of the company.
Страница 210 - ... of the same, unless such member be proved to have been ignorant of or to have attempted to prevent the commission of such offence...
Страница 223 - ... 3. Any change material to the risk, and within the control or knowledge of the assured, shall avoid the policy as to the part affected thereby, unless the change is promptly notified in writing to the company or its local agent; and the company when so notified may return the premium for the unexpired period and cancel the policy, or may demand in writing an additional premium, which the assured shall, if he desires the continuance of the policy, forthwith pay to the company; and if he neglects...
Страница 364 - ... and costs, and in default of payment the offender shall be imprisoned with or without hard labour for a term not exceeding three months and not less than one month ; and on a second or any subsequent conviction he shall be imprisoned with hard labour for a term not exceeding twelve months and not less than three months.
Страница 221 - After application for insurance it shall be deemed that any policy sent to the assured is intended to be in accordance with the terms of the application, unless the company points out, in writing, the particulars wherein the policy differs from the application.
Страница 363 - Corporation, and may be enforced against it to the same extent as if the said debts, liabilities and duties had been incurred or contracted by it ; and...
Страница 246 - The certificates promise payment only on condition that the member complies "with the laws, rules and regulations now governing said council and fund, or that may hereafter be enacted by the Supreme Council to govern the said council and fund,
Страница 247 - But in many of these, as in the case from this court last cited, a distinction is made between the express stipulation of the corporation to pay a certain sum and other provisions relating to the methods of the corporation, and the duties of the certificate holders, which properly may be a subject for regulation by by-laws, even though they affect the rights of the parties under their contract.
Страница 229 - Every company licensed and registered for the transaction of fire insurance may, within the limits prescribed by the license and registry, insure or reinsure dwelling houses, stores, shops and other buildings, household furniture, merchandise, machinery, live stock, farm produce...
Страница 21 - An act to provide for the incorporation of life and health insurance companies, and in relation to agencies of such companies...

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