Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Volume 1

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Page 93 - He shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of the stockholders and of the board of directors, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the board of directors or president, under whose supervision he shall be.
Page 93 - Directors. \ 8. The Board of Directors shall have power to fill all vacancies in their own body ; shall have in charge the general interests of the Association ; shall make all necessary arrangements for its meetings ; and shall do all in its power to make it a useful and honorable institution. Upon the written application of twenty members of the Association for permission to establish a new department, they may grant such permission.
Page 95 - If more than one member rise to speak at the same time, the member who is most distant from the moderator's chair shall speak first.
Page 92 - SEC. 2. Each department may prescribe its own conditions of membership, provided that no person be admitted to such membership who is not a member of the general Association.
Page 30 - And be it enacted, that if any person shall from and after the passing of this act cruelly beat, ill-treat, over-drive, abuse, or torture, or cause or procure to be cruelly beaten, ill-treated, over-driven, abused, or tortured, any animal, every such offender shall for every such offence forfeit and pay a penalty not exceeding five pounds.
Page 92 - SEC. 1. Any person in any way connected with the work of education shall be eligible to membership. Such person may become a member of this Association by paying two dollars and signing this Constitution; and he may continue a member by the payment of an annual fee of two dollars. On his neglect to pay such fee, his membership will cease.
Page 95 - Managers two weeks' notice of this meeting, with a copy of such proposed amendment. To constitute a quorum at this meeting not less than nine members must be present.
Page 66 - Certificates to candidates who hold High School Assistants' or First Class Ceitificates. DUTIES OF STAFF. (1) The Principal shall be the chief instructor in the theoretical and critical course, and shall be responsible for the organization and management of the school. He shall have charge of the teachers-in-training and determine the hours for instruction, observation and practice teaching in the School of Pedagogy. He shall prescribe the duties of the Lecturers on Methods and shall from time to...
Page 94 - AMENDMENTS. This Constitution may be altered or amended at a regular meeting by the unanimous vote of the members present; or by a two-thirds vote of the members present, provided that the alteration or amendment has been substantially proposed in writing at a previous regular meeting.

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