Seven Steps Towards a Successful Life

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SEVEN STEPS TOWARDS A SUCCESSFUL LIFE Circle of Success This circle of success shows different stages and dimensions of the growth of the dream, or vision, in your mind. Steps 1 to 3 happen in your mind without most people seeing what you are trying to do. Other people will begin to see what you are doing when you are at stages 4 to 7. 1. All success begins as a dream conceived through thoughts, imagination in the mind. 2. Speaking out your dream is the second stage in the growth of a dream, or vision. 3. Planning is the third stage toward growth and achieving your dream, or vision. 4. Working out your dream, or vision, according to plan is the fourth stage. 5. Praying and fasting are means of connecting with God to get Power to work. 6. Giving and generosity will keep you within an infinite supply of blessings from God. 7. Time, Courage, Faith, and fear nothing except God, and then just do it.

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