Sexcapades by the Decades: The Thirties

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SEX-capades By The Decades is a very personal memoir of the true, real-life sexploits of a young aspiring adventurous superspy coming of age sexually in Pensacola, Florida in the early 1970s. Writing under the pseudonym of DICKY GALORE, recounting his steamy(and slutty)sexploits in blunt and explicit detail, he draws parallels between his sexploits and the corresponding releases through the decades of the Eon Productions Ltd. movie sagas of super secret agent JAMES BOND 007. This is the BIG ONE! And DICKY GALORE is BACK! In this second exciting installment, covering his thrilling thirties-criss-crossing the United States from Florida to California-he ultimately goes under DEEP BED-COVER from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s in the anarchic, anti-establishment and freaky capital of the country: the Berkeley BOG aka The Republic of Berserkely-seducing birds(Brit. for babes)the length and breadth of the land! Even meeting some legendary celebrities on his way. In frank and graphic terms he comments upon the times, the films, the girls-and the sex! And when it comes to aspiring superspy sexploits, Dicky Galore DELIVERS and is even BIGGER, BETTER AND WAY BEYOND BOND! Dicky Galore will RETURN with a tell-all prequel and two sensational sequels!

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