Sexology in Culture: Labelling Bodies and Desires

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Lucy Bland, Laura Doan
University of Chicago Press, 1998 - Psychology - 236 pages
The key founders of sexology, the "science of desire," were Havelock Ellis, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, and Magnus Hirschfeld. This volume examines the impact of their writings on English-speaking culture from the 1880s to the early 1940s. How influential a field was sexology during this period, and how much power did sexologists wield? What was the impact of their work on popular and official attitudes to sex?

Lucy Bland and Laura Doan have brought together leading historians of sex, cultural and literary critics, and scholars in gay, lesbian, and queer studies, to reassess current debates on sexology in light of its history. They address issues such as the relation of "sexual science" to the law, government policy, journalism, eugenics programs, marriage and sex manuals, and literary representation. They also map out new readings of transsexuality and bisexuality, and the centrality of race within sexology.

Sexology in Culture and its companion Sexology Uncensored will interest all those concerned with understanding modern sexual discourse in its historical context.


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Transformations Subjects Categories and Cures in KrafftEbings Sexology
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The Hidden Romance of Sexual Science Eugenics the Nation and the Making of Modern Feminism
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Labelling Bodies
Symondss History Elliss Heredity Sexual Inversion
Constructing Desires
Feminist Reconfigurations of Heterosexuality in the 1920s
Sex Love and the Homosexual Body in Early Sexology
Havelock Ellis Sigmund Freud and the State Discourses of Homosexual Identity in Interwar Britain
Cultural Perversions
Trial by Sexology? Maud Allan Salome and the Cult of the Clitoris Case
Acts of Female Indecency Sexologys Intervention in Legislating Lesbianism
Sex Is An Accident Feminism Science and the Radical Sexual Theory of Urania 191540

Educating the Eye The Tattooed Prostitute
Transsexuals and the Transsexologists Inversion and the Emergence of Transsexual Subjectivity

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About the author (1998)

Lucy Bland is Senior Lecturer in Women's Studies at the University of North London.

Laura Doan is Professor of English at the State University of New York.

Laura Doan is professor of cultural history and sexuality studies at the University of Manchester. She is the author of Fashioning Sapphism: The Origins of a Modern English Lesbian Culture and editor of Sexology in Culture: Labeling Bodies and Desires, among other books.

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