Sexual Secrets of Cleopatra: The Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians

Front Cover
Theodore Ransaw
iUniverse, Oct 1, 2000 - Psychology - 112 pages


There has never been a time when Egypt was not advanced! This is an old Roman quote, and the whole bases behind the Sexual Secretes of Cleopatra. Have you ever heard of anyone not interested in Egypt or Cleopatra? If you liked; Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Karma Sutra, The Yellow Emperor, and Seminal Kung Fu.


Unlike other books on relationships, this book focuses on a previously untapped idea of thought, Egyptian Sexuality. Egyptians were not only advanced in science and math; they were also advanced spiritually. To them sex was a spiritual union between two people. Clear concise and easy to understand concepts are the key reading points in Sexual Secretes of Cleopatra.

This book is fully illustrated and written in an easy to read U.S.A. Today style format. All key points are in bold face and quickly accessible for people who need to look up just one subject at a time.

This book contains information on; Duality. The real difference between men and women. Attraction. Colors and Music. What does what you wear say about you?, How does music affect us? Touch. How to massage your mate. Aroma. The right fragrance can make a difference, how scent affects the brain. Astrology and Numerology. The startling truth about your zodiac sign. Sexual Positions.

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