Shadow Rulers: The Euro-American Trojan Horse

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iUniverse, Oct 11, 2009 - History
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Several books have been written revealing how secret societies are entwined with Western governments, state intelligence, law enforcement, and judiciaries. Only a handful, however, have penetrated the shields of mainstream censorship.

This book reveals facts about the most disturbing agenda in history. For eons, shadow rulers have influenced people's lives. In the last hundred years, these men have been focused, unanimous, and brutal in realising their goal for global government. This revealing book will answer many questions, such as: What connects the global elite with ancient Babylon, modern Iraq and Israel, and an ancient warrior from Russia?

What links this mystery figure, which the Bible say's will be destroyed, with ancient Trojans, American blue blood, European royalty, and an old British tradition?

What threads do these elite have with the world's leading secret clubs and with an exclusive Druidic festival in California, where corporate executives hobnob with royalty, press barons, and international arms contractors?

Humanity is being steered into the most turbulent and violent phase. What does the most ancient and authentic piece of literature, the Bible, have to say about this? Join this odyssey, step into the light, and learn what the Bible says about the six thousand-year-old struggle for man's soul - soon to be decided - in "Shadow Rulers."

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Meticulously researched! Intriguing connections between secret societies, western governments and elites. Historical look at why society is where it is at - the take over of all major political parties by a trans-global power with the endorsement of a bought and paid for media. Some prescient connections to world events unfolding before our eyes. A seminal work for anyone serious about connecting the dots. Some key clues to prepare, mentally and spiritually, for a coming kingdom after an unprecedented dystopia.  

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