Shakespeare's Ideals of Womanhood

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Kessinger Publishing, 1995 - 229 psl.
In the readiness of her wit and the and the sunniness of her charm Shakespeare may almost be said to have discovered the American girl three hundred years before she discovered herself. Contents: Juliet-Mission of Love; Rosalind-Winsome Forest Maid; Cordelia-Daughter who was True; Viola-Tender Twin; Beatrice-Mistress of Wit and Banter; Portila-Capable Woman; Ophelia-Victim of Misunderstanding; Lady Macbeth-Study in Ambition; Cleopatra-Study in Passion; Hermione-Steadfast Wife; Desdemona-Study of Race Differences; Imogen-Unprized Wife; Volumnia-Roman Mother.

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