Shakespeare's Sonnets: Third Series

Bloomsbury Academic, 2001 - 488 頁
'The annotation is consistently thoughtful and well judged, giving plenty of precise help with lexical and syntactical problems, and offering valuable verbal and cultural analogues from contemporary literature' 'No edition of these difficult and controversial poems will command agreement at all points, but this must now be the edition of first resort' Paul Hammond, Review of English Studies 'sharpens our focus on the documentary record of the Sonnets, and gives the best scholarly account yet of some of its words.' Alastair Fowler, Times Literary Supplement "The new edition...edited by Katherine Duncan-Jones, is the clearest, most complete and up-to-date there is. She is the first editor for general readers not to mumble when dealing with the homoerotic aspect. Under her meticulous direction, the sequence opens out like a magical garden, its beauties enhanced, its mysterious prospects illuminated."

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Review: Shakespeare's Sonnets

用戶評語  - Esilda Trushaj - Goodreads

It is Shakespeare.What can I say...Some of them I learned by heart.He writes about the power of love; submission in front of his divine lover, love is seen as love and beauty are immortalized in his ... 閱讀評論全文

Review: Shakespeare's Sonnets

用戶評語  - Jane Jago - Goodreads

No spoilers here. I happen to like Shakespeare's sonnets rather better than I like a lot of the plays. But I'm an odd so and so at the best of times. Old Bill could sure write a sound bite. 閱讀評論全文

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