Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within

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Random House Publishing Group, Aug 5, 2009 - Self-Help - 272 pages
Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within

• Enhance your spiritual gifts
• Lighten your karmic burden
• Improve your health and increase prosperity
• Live in harmony with the universe

Now, with Shakti Mantras, we can all benefit from this ancient practice. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, a Vedic priest, is an American expert in the intricacies of Sanskrit mantra. With nearly thirty years and thousands of hours of experience in chanting, he is supremely well-equipped to write the first book that teaches women (and men as well) to tap into the dynamic feminine energy of love in all its manifestations. By sharing enchanting Hindu myths and astonishing true stories from his own practice, Ashley-Farrand helps us to understand the real power that this age-old art awakens in those who perform it. Through dozens of actual mantras–each one presented with phonetic spelling for easy pronunciation and recommendations for specific applications–he enables us to increase our “shakti” (power) and use it to solve problems, ensure abundance, create health and well-being, summon protection, and invoke personal and universal peace.

Whether you’re new to chanting or an old hand, Shakti Mantras will take you places you’ve never been before . . . and measurably enrich your life.

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1The BasicsChakras Sanskrit and Shakti
2SaraswatiThe Power of Knowledge and Speech
3ParvatiThe Power of Consciousness and Spiritual Growth
4LakshmiThe Power of Abundance
5Durga and ChamundiThe Power of Protection
6KaliThe Power of Destruction of Negative Ego
9Kuan YinThe Power of Divine Compassion
10TaraThe Power of the Divine Mother
11Misuse of Shakti Power
12Shakti and Your Life
APPENDIXUsing Mantras in a Spiritual Practice
About the Author

7LalitaThe Great Feminine with a Thousand Powers
8RadhaThe Power of Divine Love

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About the author (2009)

Thomas Ashley-Farrand
Author of Healing Mantras
Throughout history, many people in the West have turned to God the Father for blessing and guidance. But in the East, the Great Feminine has always been held in high esteem–not as a secondary source of power but as the primal power, the shakti that flows through our body and all of nature. Centuries ago, the seers and sages of India observed that particular chanted prayers–Sanskrit mantras–connect us with this feminine energy and increase its potency.

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