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Xlibris, 2012 - Religion - 178 pages


Hi Shalisa,

When you asked me to edit your book I was not prepared for what would happen in terms of the mental rollercoaster that would ensue. I confess and apologise as my first reading of the book not only captivated but overwhelmed me immensely - I could/did not edit it. The book spoke to me and put me in a position that I have never been in before. I had to confront my own fears, secrets and feelings known and unknown which began to unravel all at once. I was not prepared for this. However, its subliminal captivating elements kept me entranced suffice enough to soothe and allow healing where needed. Indeed at some points I did not want to continue.

This book is awesome and the potential inexhaustible. I chuckled to myself, laughed uncouthly and even cried. May God truly continue to bind you up in the bundle of the living; this key (your book) will open the door to freedom for many women (no matter how intact they claim to be). God bless and prosper your path for this sacrifice. With sincere love "C"

Shalisa is an ordinary church gal, but one of the brave few who expose her past for women to have a better future. Shalisa takes you through her life from the comforts of home and mum to shady characters men, looking for just one thing. Shalisa dips in and out of her past to reveal her triumphs, mistakes, and madness with a unique sense of humour but always with a lesson learned.

This book will take you through her epic journey of self discovery. Meet her friends and acquaintances as she opens door after door of opportunity and disappointment. Open this book and you are bound to find yourself on one of the pages. Rarely can you get this from the pulpit, a must read for every woman (and man) struggling to find who they are. Marvyn Bramble

This book is beautifully crafted and tailor-made for the broken hearted woman. Shalisa Anthony has skilfully and insightfully shown us a path to healing by uncovering her most intimate secrets and revealing the scars of her yesterday. With her unique comic flare, she opens door after door to the hidden chambers of her painful past and allows us a sneak peek into the complexities of the female mind.

As she walks us through the pages of her broken life, we see the hands of a merciful God cutting deep into the heart of her emotions and carefully removing every trace of damaged and scarred tissue. With the precision of a neurosurgeon, He implants His words of life and empowers her to succeed. Shalisa Anthony encourages us to celebrate our womanhood in spite of it all, to "Walk Alone" with God and to trust in Him to reshape our destiny.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Rev. Jasmine Williams, PJW Ministries.



Everyone, every woman has a story to tell, but few are willing to relive it much less have the courage to tell it. It's painful to watch yourself from your now enlightened place, do and say things you would never do now. It is hard for the swan to ever imagine the ugly duckling she knew so well, was once her but it's true! It is hard to imagine how the sharing of a few of your life experiences can help heal a fellow traveller's hurt, can soothe a lonely hurt and comfort a tender soul. "SWWA WO" is the sharing of my life journey as I traversed the pot holes of low self esteem and relational and emotional road works and many other issues we as women face along our own (and collective) life journeys. It is not a walk in the park but a look at a sista's journey from the shadows into the light for when I thought it was all over, when I thought I was a dead-end, when I thought I was truly alone I didn't know He was with me all along

Chapter 1: Introduction

No drugs, sex or rock n' roll but a 2-part introduction illustrating how life sends many chances for us to restart our life's journey and continue our

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