Shoot Them Down!: The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952

Front Cover, 2007 - History - 396 pages
During the summer of 1952, Americans reported a record amount of UFO sightings to Project Blue Book, the Air Force group responsible for investigating unidentified flying objects. Author/Illustrator Frank C. Feschino, Jr. has written an exciting new book that encompasses the summer of 1952 and America's overwhelming UFO problem during that time. The author documents the numerous aerial encounters and confrontations that occurred between United States fighter planes and UFOs over America and around the world during that era. In July of 1952, an Air Force information officer revealed, "The jet pilots are, and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and to shoot them down if they can't talk them down." Feschino investigates, researches and writes about the overwhelming amount of mysterious fighter plane accidents and vanished jets that occurred during the 1950s. He also writes about several UFO cases from the 1952 summer including the complete and most detailed story in print to date, of the horrific West Virginia "Flatwoods Monster" incident of September 12,1952. After 17-years of research, a lost and forgotten segment of fighter aviation history and UFOs has finally been documented and written about in "Shoot Them Down! - The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952."

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Great Book! The great thing about the book is nothing is fictionalized. It's all backed up with transcripts and declassified documentation. Add that to the witness testimonies from Pilots, Ground Staff, Generals and non military people makes it a fascinating as well as scary read. I bought the hardback version and I'd love to get the E-book version if there is one as the book is a biggie.
Great stuff!

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