Short memorials of Thomas lord Fairfax, written by himself. (ed. by B. Fairfax). with an appendix


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148 ページ - Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do : and behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.
91 ページ - Stanford-Bridge, near York, but the enemy upon the alarm fled thither, which put them also in such a fear, that they sent earnestly to my Lord of Newcastle to desire him to return, or the country would again be lost. Upon this he returned again into Yorkshire, and not long after came to besiege Hull.
147 ページ - ... because thou hadst a favour unto us. The Lord hath appeared for us ; the Lord hath covered our heads, and made us to stand in the day of battle. The Lord hath appeared for us ; the Lord hath overthrown our enemies, and dashed in pieces those that rose up against us. Therefore not unto us, 0 Lord, not unto us ; but unto thy Name be given the glory.
75 ページ - I must not here forget my wife, who ran the same hazard with us in this retreat and with as little expression of fear; not from any zeal, or delight in the war, but through a willing and patient suffering of this undesirable condition.
154 ページ - we are all as good as dead men, for the Irish rebels are coming; they are come as far as Rochdale, and Littleborough, and the Eatings, and will be at Halifax and Bradford shortly'; he came, he said, out of pity and good will, to give us this notice.
12 ページ - My father drew all his men thither ; but, in a council of war, the town was judged untenable, and that we should draw out to an advantageous piece of ground, by the town ; but before we could all march out, the enemy advanced...
60 ページ - Gifford, who had the ordering of the business, so delayed the execution of it that it was seven or eight before we began to move, and not without much suspicion of treachery; for, when we came near the place we intended, the enemy's whole army was drawn up in battalia.
18 ページ - I was sent with about three hundred foot, and three troops of horse, and some arms to Bradford. I was to go by Ferry-bridge, our intelligence being that the enemy was advanced no further than Sherburne ; but when I was within a mile of the town, we took some prisoners, who told us my lord of...
89 ページ - I myself had lost all, even to my shirt, for my clothes were made unfit to wear with rents and blood. Presently after my coming to Hull, I sent a ship for my daughter, who was brought the next day to the town, pretty well recovered of her long and tedious journey. Not many days after the Earl of Newcastle sent my wife back...
119 ページ - When we came within a days march, I had intelligence the lord Byron had drawn oft' his siege, and intended to meet us in the field. I put my men into the order in which I intended to fight, and continued my march till we came within three miles of the town. There was a pass kept with about 250 men : I sent collonel Morgan with his dragoons, who beat them off, in which his brother was slain.