Short-term Forecasting: Accuracy of USDA's Meat Forecasts and Estimates : Report to the Honorable J. Robert Kerrey, U.S. Senate

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Page 23 - The United States International Trade Commission furnishes studies, reports, and recommendations involving international trade and tariffs to the President, the Congress, and other Government agencies. In this capacity, the Commission conducts a variety of investigations, public hearings, and research projects pertaining to the international trade policies of the United States.
Page 71 - Hayami, Yujiro, and Willis Peterson, "Social Returns to Public Information Services: Statistical Reporting of US Farm Commodities," American Economic Review, March 1972, pp.
Page 71 - Pricing Efficiency in the Live Cattle Futures Market: Further Interpretation and Measurement.
Page 72 - American Journal of Agricultural Economics February 1989 Edited by Peter J. Barry University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois Published by the American Agricultural Economics Association Articles: Daniel A. Sumner and Rolf AE Mueller, "Are Harvest Forecasts News? USDA Announcements and Futures Market Reactions"; Philip G. Pardey and Barbara Craig, "Causal Relationships Between Public Sector Agricultural Research Expenditures and Output", Rigoberto A, Lopez, "Political Economy of the United States Sugar...
Page 72 - Milonas, Nikolaos T. The Effects of USDA Crop Announcements on Commodity Prices.
Page 26 - Forecasting: An Appraisal for Policy-Makers and Planners. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1978.
Page 73 - USDA ECONOMIC and STATISTICS REVIEW PANEL, REPORT TO SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE JOHN R. BLOCK JUNE 28, 1985 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Executive Summary The full report contains 48 recommendations in ten broad subject matter areas.
Page 60 - Act of 1964 in providing for the imposition of import controls on certain fresh, chilled and frozen beef, veal, mutton and goat meat products.
Page 72 - Using a Decision Support Framework to Evaluate Forecasts." North Central Journal of Agricultural Economics, 11:2 (July 1989), 233-42. Purcell, Wayne D. "The Case of Beef Demand: A Failure by the Discipline.
Page 73 - Statistical Reporting Service. Cattle Reports: A Handbook on Surveying and Estimating Procedures.

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