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Side 39 - Whenever any disbursing officer of the United States shall cease to act In that capacity he will at once Inform the Secretary of the Treasury whether he has any public funds to his credit In any office or bank, and, If so, what checks. If any, he has drawn against the same, which are still outstanding and unpaid.
Side 58 - Disbursing officers, or the head of any Executive Department, or other establishment not under any of the Executive Departments, may apply for and the Comptroller of the Treasury shall render his decision upon any question involving a payment to be made by them or under them, which decision, when rendered, shall govern the Auditor and the Comptroller of the Treasury in passing upon the account containing said disbursement.
Side 65 - When packages of supplies are opened for the first time, whether because of apparent defect or for issue, the officer responsible or some other commissioned officer will be present and verify the contents by actual weight, count, or measurement, as circumstances may require, and in case of deficiency or damage will make written report of the facts to the post commander.
Side 39 - Any check previously drawn by him and not presented for payment within four months of its date will not be paid until its correctness shall have been attested by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Every disbursing officer, when...
Side 27 - I certify that the above account is correct and just; that the services were rendered as stated, and that they were necessary for the Public Service, as per my Report of "Persons and Articles," Abstract of Expenditures for March 1864.
Side 7 - The Chief Signal Officer is charged with the supervision of all military- signal duties, and of books, papers, and devices connected therewith, including telegraph and telephone apparatus and the necessary meteorological instruments for use on target ranges and other military uses; the construction, repair, and operation of military telegraph lines, and the duty of collecting and transmitting information for the Army by telegraph or otherwise, and all other duties usually pertaining to military signaling.
Side 57 - The transfer of public property from one bureau or Department to another is not regarded as a sale. If money is received therefor, it may be used to replace such stores and will be reported accordingly.
Side 42 - Advertisements for supplies should contain the instruction to bidders, who are not manufacturers of the goods called for, to submit the name of the manufacturer from whom such goods are to be obtained, unless it be manifestly impracticable to furnish this information.
Side 38 - Deposits to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States on account of repayment of disbursing funds must be made with the office or bank in which such funds are to the credit of the disbursing officer.
Side 65 - Upon the receipt of public property by an official, he will make careful examination to ascertain its quality and condition, but will not break original packages until issues are to be made, unless he has reason to believe the contents defective. Should he discover delect or shortage, he will apply for an inspector to determine it and fix the responsibility.

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