Significant NASA Inventions

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1973 - Inventions

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Page 4 - REGISTER, and elsewhere as may be appropriate, of its intention to grant an exclusive license under an identified patent or patent application. An exclusive license will not be granted until the expiration of 60 days from the date of notice in order to provide a suitable time interval for interested persons or other Government agencies to interpose comment or objection.
Page 3 - NASA-owned foreign patents and patent applications may be licensed. (b) The provisions of this subpart apply to all NASA-owned patents granted in countries other than the United States and to NASA-owned patent applications pending in such countries and supplement the provisions of subpart 2 of this part for foreign patent licensing. 1245.401 Policy. The foreign licensing program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration serves to promote and utilize foreign patent rights vested in the...
Page 38 - A method is provided for determining bacterial levels in urine samples, which method depends on the quantitative determination of bacterial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the presence of non-bacterial adenosine triphosphate. After the removal of nonbacterial ATP, the bacterial ATP is released by cell rupture and is measured by an enzymatic bioluminescent assay using an enzyme obtained from the firefly.
Page 3 - ... purposes and on behalf of any foreign government pursuant to any existing or future treaty or agreement with the United States.
Page 3 - Administrator of an irrevocable, nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free license for the practice of such invention throughout the world by or on behalf of the United States or any foreign government pursuant to any treaty or agreement with the United States.
Page 3 - An exclusive licensee will be authorized to enforce the licensed patent and to sue infringcr* of the patent at its own expense. 1245.405 Procedures. (a) NASA will publish in the United States, and elsewhere as may be appropriate, lists of NASA-owned foreign patents or patent applications available for licensing. (b) NASA will also furnish written notice of the availability for licensing of NASA-owned foreign patents or patent applications to any licensee under the corresponding US patent or patent...
Page 67 - A second pump means is provided on the rotating member to provide a counter flow of treatment fluid into the space between the rotating member and the support tube. The second pump may provide additional support for the rotating member. Means is also provided for axially positioning rotating member to increase or decrease cutting action.
Page 34 - An airfoil is examined that has an upper surface shaped to control flow accelerations and pressure distribution over the upper surface and to prevent separation of the boundary layer due to shock wave formulation at high subsonic speeds well above the critical Mach number. A highly cambered trailing edge section improves overall airfoil lifting efficiency Diagrams illustrating supersonic flow and shock waves over the airfoil are shown.
Page 58 - Licenses will be individually negotiated and may be granted to any applicant, foreign or domestic, on a nonexclusive or exclusive basis for royalties or other considerations and on such other terms and conditions as are deemed appropriate to the...

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