Silicon Destiny: The Story of Application Specific Integrated Circuits and LSI Logic Corporation

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Walker Research Associates, 1992 - History - 261 pages

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Page 191 - In a world moving to five, six, seven media companies, you don't want to be in a position where you have to count on others," Peter Chernin, the president of News Corporation states. "You need to have enough marketplace dominance that people are forced to deal with you.
Page 51 - ... pair of legs. I was with some friends two leagues away a few minutes before, and I set the clock ahead. When I left the house I took good care to have them notice it. ESTEBAN. Yes, we would have been safe if that had been all. But you talked; you gave yourself away. RUBIO. You ought to have killed me. That was the first time in my life that I ever was afraid. I never expected they would let Norbert go. I told you that we ought to go into court and have Acacia testify that Norbert had sworn he...
Page 44 - Having decided to start a semiconductor company, I spent quite a few months visiting people I knew in the computer industry, both in the United States and in Europe. A pattern started to emerge: most of these companies needed custom circuits. I had flashbacks of when I was at Fairchild and good customers would ask me, "Would you do a custom program for us?
Page 154 - At LSI Logic and other major ASIC suppliers, compilers are alive and well. When used with extensive libraries of megacells and logic synthesis tools, they materially reduce design time.
Page 44 - Custom circuits-the big guys don't want to mess with them, the customers seem to need them, yet there don't seem to be any viable sources in spite of increasing demand.
Page 244 - EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) A PROM that can be erased by a special process and reused.
Page 76 - We're going into the gate array business with software tools which our customers will have in their own hands.
Page 77 - That is a brilliant strategy. If you do that and the software is good, you will win.
Page 146 - Impelled by the logic of the microcosm, the silicon compiler represents a further shift of the sphere...
Page 238 - ASICs ... [were] founded in this atmosphere of rapid innovation, technological and entrepreneurial dynamism, [and] high stakes uncertainty ... in short, in an atmosphere particularly well-suited to American strengths.

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