Six Decades to Wisdom (maybe): Na

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From the humorous to the melancholy, author Darryl L. Gopaul tells how he went from middle-class beginnings on the island of Trinidad and living through rationing during World War II to prosperity after beginning anew in the United Kingdom, and later, in Canada. "Six Decades to Wisdom . (maybe)" weaves a tale about a man who lives life to the fullest.Throughout Gopaul's life, people are his directional signposts. Although they are not all smiling or gracious, their guidance comes in myriad forms to shape his education, profession, and life. Not only does he survive obstacles and prejudices, but he also learns and thrives. He makes a home in the Great White North, where he enjoys all three seasons, great friendships, and trusted colleagues.Maturity is difficult to define; wisdom is even harder still to explain. However, through his account of the times he had to move on or change direction, Gopaul illustrates these concepts with ease. Humor is Gopaul's overriding companion as he relives forty precious years of life in "Six Decades to Wisdom . (maybe)."

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