Size Matters: Especially When You Weigh 330lbs

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Trafford Publishing, 2003 - Health & Fitness - 175 pages
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Size Matters is both a personal story about weight loss and a practical guide that can be followed by men and women of all ages to achieve a healthier way of life. It is written by someone who lost 154 lbs. the "easy" way and quided over 1,000 others to successful weight loss. This book is for you if the following feels familiar You can't take a bath because you can't get out again You don't even fit sideways into the shower You get desperate late at night when the chocolate shops are shut You are ashamed to take your clothes off in front of yourself You don't fit into airline seats and have to have a seatbelt extension You struggle to get out of the car You can barely walk 10 minutes down the road You can't fit into public toilets People ask you when the baby is due You hate shop assistants coming into the too-small changing rooms You have stopped doing everything you once loved to do You have stopped sharing activities with the ones you love You are obsessed with where your next food is coming from You crave sweet foods You wish it would all go away!
Size Matters is not just a story about one person's weight loss-- it shows how to construct your own individual program. It shows you how to lose weight that you have never been able to lose before and it is also an inspirational story about the struggle of one very overweight person who discovered how to do it-- an has guided many others to success.
At forty-three years of age, Georgina Cronin suffered from high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and chronic joint pain. She weighed 330 lbs. She had been on a constant diet since her early teens. Georgina decided that starving herself was obviously not working. So, shethought she would try eating instead --six times a day to be exact.
Over a period of five years, Georgina lost over 11 stone - 154lbs. She has considered herself a "hopeless case" and was stunned by how simple the key factors for success were. Having discovered how to do this for herself she felt obliged to share what she had learned-- to help others to release themselves from the misery of being overweight.
She developed a straightforward program to guide others towards the same success. The program is based on simple common sense, which we can all relate to, and it works--even for the hopeless cases who have decided that enough is enough.
In her research of her own life as a dieter, she discovered that there were some underlying medical causes for her problem that had never been identified and she was able to easily identify the same problems in others.
For the past four years Georgina has been working with clients in Ireland. She designs individual programs to suit each person--suited to them as individuals and based on their particular lifestyle--since no single diet suits everyone. During the past few years she has successfully taken over 1,000 people through the program. They have lost weight and, perhaps more importantly, kept it off.
This book is different! It is not written by a "thin" expert--who probably could never truly understand what you have to go through if you are overweight. It is written by someone who has been through the struggle of losing weight, and gaining it back again, time and time again for 20 years--sound familiar?
It is everyone's dream to live life to the fullest. For many people their weight problem means that they are justexisting! Size Matters shows how you can take control fo your life, without feeling the pain and deprivation that goes hand in hand with a traditional diet. It explores the mental and emotional dependencies that we all have on food and explains how to find alternative support systems. It explores the concept that our bodies will begin to store food if we starve it long enough and most women, and more recently, men are doing precisely that every time they attempt a crash diet or fad diet.
Size does Matter
You have to read this book! Share the struggle, be inspired by your own success.
Some comments from users of the CRONIN PROGRAMME Over the past twenty years I have tried everything that came on the market in order to lose weight, spent a fortune and still ended back in the "yo-yo" dieting syndrome. In the last ten weeks my life has changed. I have lost 28 lbs. Doing what? Eating!--eating properly and regularly and exercising sensibly. The hard part-remembering to eat all that I'm supposed to. M.M. For the first time I have lost 14 lbs. and I feel great, full of energy and very healthy. I reccommend this approach to losing weight.M.W. Since starting the programme in October I have lost 17 lbs. I thought that I would never do it. I kept to the programme and it really works. It was the first time I ever kept to a programme and it was not so hard. I feel a lot better and have lots of energy. I would recommend anyone to do this. You never feel hungry when you eats six times a day. I feel good. M.K.

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