Skulk: A Post-9/11 Comic Novel

Front Cover
Progressive Press, 2008 - Kansas - 182 pages
Marc Estrin's Skulk is the sixth of his critically-acclaimed novels for lovers of intelligent fiction. Radical prof Richard Gronsky is swept off his feet by T.L. Skulkington, a sassy, right-wing superstar, during one of her liberal-bashing talks. Their romance struggles with political polarity until a run-in with Homeland Security brings Miss Skulkington's libertarian impulses to the fore, and "Skulk" is won over to Gronsky's causes -- secession of the Free State of Kansas, and 9/11 Truth. So begins the twosome's mad escapade to stage an Event and awaken the Sunflower State to The Issues of the Day. Joining forces with a mysterious Santa, they take flying lessons, and steal a Cessna to crash into Santa's department store. The reader is treated to a sophisticated parody of American political reality, a wild ride full of ironic twists and a stunning ending. In the Afterword, Estrin discusses his strategy in Skulk: to use comic fiction to probe dangerous real-world fictions parading as truth.

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