Sky Gods & Angels

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Crux Club Books, Jul 10, 2012 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 107 pages
If the visitors to Earth are really aliens from distant worlds why would they be buzzing about for at least 5,000 years or more? The answer to that is rather 'simple' they are not really aliens, but our ancestors, who originated on this planet, as a number of ancient texts and myths claim.
In fact careful trawling through the ancient sources reveals numerous surprising details. For example; ours is the sixth civilization on this planet, since over one million years ago, and during the seventh the guided evolution of mankind is to be completed. The fourth civilization, that was around between roughly 400,000 to 300,000 years ago, migrated to space to escape the ecological roller coaster, perpetuated by mankind.
In space they created six cyclopean space habitats that were connected to Earth by an immense space elevator, and the process of their construction is illustrated in global myths. The destruction of these space based structures was initiated about 26,000 years ago during The War of the Gods, also repeatedly mentioned in myths, during which all life on Earth was destroyed. Yet this race survived in their space going ships, thousands of kilometers in size, and within several millennia, they terra-formed the planet and gradually returned all life to it.
And because their homes were either destroyed in space, or crashed on the planet, many of their inhabitants also had to return. But separated by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the DNA of the Sky People and of the Surface People, whom they had helped to survive, had to be mutually 'adjusted', a process described in fair detail by ancient sources as well, and resulted in the confused idea of the genetic Adam and Eve.

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