Sky of Swords: A Tale Of The King's Blade 3

Harper Collins, 13. okt. 2009 - 480 sider

The mightiest swordsmen in the relm, are bound by magic to defend their noble the death.

The King's Blades

The unloved child of the unscrupulous King Ambrose,Princess Malinda learned at an early age to fight for what was rightfully hers. Now, with the Kings abrupt death, civil war has become her grim destiny. Making her uncertain way through the blood labyrinth of schemesand betrayals, Malinda can trust none but the Blades of the Royal Guard. But the Blades themselves are in grave peril. And the young Queen faces the most crucialdecision of her life: a choice that will either redeem her kingdom from chaos...or bring ultimate destruction down upon it, her Blades, and herself.


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LibraryThing Review

Brukerevaluering  - humouress - LibraryThing

(Third of 3 : Tales of the King's Blades series, Sixth of 6 : Ironhall Books. Fantasy, adventure) This is one of the Tale of the King's Blades series which Duncan says can be read in any order because ... Les hele vurderingen

SKY OF SWORDS: A Tale of the Ring's Blades

Brukerevaluering  - Kirkus

Third of Duncan's tales—or, rather, the third variation on the same theme—of the King's Blades (Lord of the Fire Lands, 1999, etc). The Blades are expert swordsmen, bound by powerful magic to defend ... Les hele vurderingen


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Side 116 - Crown, and Dignity ; and I will do my utmost Endeavour to disclose and make known to his Majesty, his Heirs and Successors, all Treasons, and traitorous Conspiracies, and Attempts...
Side 116 - Majesty, his heirs or successors, all treasons, and traitorous conspiracies and attempts, which I shall know to be against him or any of them ; and all this I do swear without any equivocation, mental evasion, or secret reservation...
Side 116 - Majesty, his heirs, and successors, all treasons, and traitorous conspiracies and attempts, which I shall know to be against him, or any of them ; and all this I do swear without any equivocation, mental evasion or secret reservation, and renouncing all pardons and dispensations from any power or person whomsoever to the contrary. So help me God.
Side 144 - He was a despicable murderer, who betrayed one of the finest men it has ever been my good fortune to know. I rejoice at his death. Denounce me if you wish.
Side 13 - When he reached the step he reined in his horse so that it reared up on its hind legs, pawing the air with its iron hooves.
Side 469 - Sidi plans to strike dw kingdom a fatal blow; setting the murderous pirate Bear upon the high seas in pursuit of...
Side 190 - Abel slapped the rump of her horse with the flat of his sword and the entire troop plunged forward, abandoning Dian, who was of no importance in their world at that moment.

Om forfatteren (2009)

Dave Duncan is an award-winning author whose fantasy trilogy, The Seventh Sword, is considered a sword-and-sorcery classic. His numerous novels include three Tales of the King's Blades -- The Gilded Chain, Lord of the Fire Lands, and Sky of Swords; Paragon Lost, a previous Chronicle of the King’s Blades; Strings, Hero; the popular tetralogies A Man of His Word and A Handful of Men; and the remarkable, critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy The Great Game.

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