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AuthorHouse, Apr 29, 2009 - 308 pages


John McCord Spins Fast-paced Thriller about Internet Millionaire’s Attempt to Foil a Foreign Sneak Attack.

Sneak Attack is an electrifying thriller from author John McCord. Internet multimillionaire Mike Norris and his friends within an elite think tank must unravel the details of an Iranian government scheme to topple the global geopolitical landscape and cripple the United States.

Falling into sudden Internet wealth is not without its problems, and Mike's friends help him out of his funk. But then, due to an incident surrounding the events of 9/11, Mike has a CIA officer on his tail, bent on bringing him down, and he has to shake him. Now, years later, Mike and his friends, along with a small group of government operatives—including the CIA—become caught up in a race against time to determine the details of the enemy’s plot, and to try to stop a devastating EMP Sneak Attack.

Reader Reviews say: "If you think it can't happen...think again!"

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