So Help Me God

Live Oak Productions, 2005 - 488 sider
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Titans of the legal profession clash as Rev. Thomas Jeremiah Luther brings a lawsuit about abortion to attempt to gain control of the country's political right wing. Religion, medicine and science explode in courtroom drama over when life begins. Texas trial lawyer Larry D. Thompson has crafted a courtroom drama that is in a class with such notables as Inherit the Wind, The Verdict and The Rainmaker, a novel critics predict will become a modern day classic. T. J. Luther, a Southern evangelist has been in a coma for twelve years, kept alive by only a tube in his abdomen. On Christmas Eve, twelve years after he was stabbed and nearly died, he awakens. Some called it a miracle. Some called it the will of God. As he regains his strength, he forces his replacement from the pulpit and re-takes his lucrative, international ministry. Learning that Lucy Baines Brady, the young niece of one of his Board Members nearly died from an abortion, he seizes her cause as a way to wrest control of the evangelical right from other Christian conservatives. Raising two million dollars from other pro-life organizations, he hires J. Robert Tisdale, the best plaintiff lawyer in the country, to sue Dr. Zeke Moyo and the national abortion clinic for $100,000,000. If he can put abortion clinics out of business, he will have a legitimate claim to lead the political right wing. When he begins to accuse the clinic and Dr. Moyo of murder, he fails to recognize the courtroom savvy of Tod Duncan, Dr. Moyo's lawyer. Duncan sues the pro-life forces for slander and turns a trial that began as one about medical malpractice into a trial about human life itself and when it begins.

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Om forfatteren (2005)

a veteran trial lawyer honored in 2005 by Texas Monthly Magazine as a "Texas Super Lawyer" follows in the foot steps of his late brother, award winning, best selling author, Tommy Thompson.

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