Soando: Thoughts of a Young Latino

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DISCOVER can be thought of as one of many slices of Mr. Higgins Inquiry'. Professor John Herik Clark arranged for the books to be reprinted in 1968, and by 1985, Dr. Jones had been invited to lecture from it, at Harvard. Discover has been reviewed by Director Emeritus Professor Hans Goedicke, during his tenure as Chairman of the Department of The Johns Hopkins University, who indicated after reading it, that he "could not dispute a word of it", recommending that Dr. Jones continue with his plan to lecture from it at Harvard.

In what amounts to a history of the Human Race, Mr. Higgins is among the first, if not the first, of the relatively recent researchers to recognize and ancient, scientific, culturally advanced global Humanity, and to view them in a manner which is compatible with the notion of a single Human race, rather then within the context of so many human different races', a quite popular view during in his era.

Professor John Henrik Clark became the New York City Board of Education consultant for the doctors seminars, which examined carefully examined pages from DISCOVER for proven and probable findings. This book has been used in lectures and has been seen at Oxford, Columbia, the City College of New York, Hofstra University, and is now being released in time for a panel discussion, of which the author is chairman, in October 2007.

The pseudonyms on the cover make a statement when read smoothly with the title, are inspired by Mr. Higgin's 1836 quotation:

this prejudice wears away"

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