"Social Progress in Ireland Since the Union." ...: Address Delivered ... November 28, 1878

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E. Ponsonby, 1879 - 128 pages

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Page 108 - On Lough Neagh's bank as the fisherman strays, When the clear, cold eve's declining, He sees the round towers of other days, In the wave beneath him shining! Thus shall memory often, in dreams sublime, Catch a glimpse of the days that are over, Thus, sighing, look through the waves of time For the long-faded glories they cover!
Page 66 - I am he that walks with the tender and growing night, I call to the earth and sea half-held by the night. Press close bare-bosom'd night - press close magnetic nourishing night! Night of south winds - night of the large few stars Still nodding night - mad naked summer night.
Page 66 - ... departed sunset— earth of the mountains misty-topt! Earth of the vitreous pour of the full moon just tinged with blue! Earth of shine and dark mottling the tide of the river! Earth of the limpid gray of clouds brighter and clearer for my sake! Far-swooping elbow'd earth— rich apple-blossom'd earth! Smile, for your lover comes. Prodigal, you have given me love— therefore I to you give love! O unspeakable passionate love.
Page 61 - As one who hidden in deep sedge and reeds Smells the rare scent made where a panther feeds, And tracking ever slotwise the warm smell Is snapped upon by the sweet mouth and bleeds, His head far down the hot sweet throat of her...
Page 33 - ... must put by The hope that lifted him and led Once, to have light about his head, To see beneath the clear low sky The green foam-whitened wave wax red And all the morning's banner fly — Then, as earth's helpless hopes go down, Let earth's self in the dark tides drown. Yea, if no morning must behold Man, other than were they now cold, And other deeds than past deeds done...
Page 56 - While three men hold together, The kingdoms are less by three. All the world has its burdens to bear, From Cayenne to the Austrian whips ; Forth, with the rain in our hair And the salt sweet foam in our lips ; In the teeth of the hard glad weather, In the blown wet face of the sea ; While three men hold together, The kingdoms are less by three.
Page 32 - That palter with us in a double sense ; That keep the word of promise to our ear, And break it to our hope.
Page 25 - Universal History, the history of what man has accomplished in this world, is at bottom the History of the Great Men who have worked here.
Page 57 - Wha for his friend an' comrade had him, And in his freaks had Luath ca'd him. After some dog in Highland sang, Was made lang syne, lord knows how lang. He was a gash an' faithfu' tyke, As ever lap a sheugh or dyke.
Page 56 - The startled waves leap over it; the storm Smites it with all the scourges of the rain, And steadily against its solid form Press the great shoulders of the hurricane.

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