Social Eccentricities: More Than Three Hundred Epigrams--each One Inspiration for a Sermon, an Essay Or a Play

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Broadway Publishing Company, 1906 - Epigrams - 54 pages
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Page 64 - There are no idle moments from cover to cover, and it is one which the reader will not think of laying aside until he has read every word." Under the Darkness of the Night A Tale of West Indian Insurrection. BY ELLEN CHAZAL CHAPEAU. Cloth, I2mo. Attractively Produced. Price, $1.00. The scenes of this story are laid in Ste.
Page 66 - SOONER OR LATER SOME MEN PAY Ten thousand dollars for an expert to manage their advertising. There are others who pay TWO DOLLARS for an annual subscription to PRINTERS INK — the leading journal for advertisers and business men. published every Wednesday — and learn what all the advertisers are thinking about. But even these are not the extremes reached. There are men who lose over $100,000 a year by doing neither one. Young men and women who have adn ambition to better their business by acquiring...
Page 67 - A fascinating story of the Revolutionary period." in dramatic form, in which the treachery of Benedict Arnold and the capture of Major Andre are the climaxes^ The loves of Andre and Marcelle (herself a spy) lend .a) very charming touch of romance. The Burton Manor A NOVEL 'By REV. MV BROWK. I2mo, cloth. $1.50. A most thoughtful, able and authoritative work in engaging narrative form, dealing with the existing evils of the liquor trade.
Page 59 - ... age. A few samples : A friend lies for— an enemy about— and a wife with — you. If your grandfather made it in pigs you have a perfect right to look haughty when pork is served. A married woman's troubled look at 3 AM is not so much due to worrying " if" as to
Page 57 - The of the Cavaliers BY NJ FLOYD. 9 Drawings and Author's Photo. $1.50. / "No wiser or more brilliant pen has told the story of the Civil War than Capt. Floyd's ; no work more thrilling simply as a romance has recently been within the reach of book-lovers.
Page 63 - S. KIMBERLING. Cloth. $1.50. 5 Illustrations by S. Klarr. Here is a story whose artistic realism will appeal to everyone, while its distinction as a serious novel is made evident by its clever analysis, sparkling dialogue and thrilling and powerful situations. "Llewellyn" will win all hearts by her purity and charm.
Page 61 - Leave Me My Honor," the success which has recently brought Mrs. Kintzel into prominence as a story-teller who has something to say and can say it/ "Sparkling from cover to cover.
Page 65 - No more original, striking and brilliant treatise on the subject indicated by the title has been given the vast public which is watching the widening of woman's sphere. Mrs. Cooley is a lecturer and writer of many years experience; she is in the vanguard of the movement and no one is better qualified to sjwak to the great heart of womankind.
Page 60 - Is not so much due to worrying " if" as to " how" he will come home. The majority of women lay the first misstep to Cupid ; some to the man; but It Is a fact, if open to criticism, that curiosity and the opportunity are often to blame. Printed on grey antique paper. Cover in grey, red, green and gold.
Page 58 - An able and interesting work on a comparatively new subject — Psycho-physical culture — of whose methods the author has made successful application. The book is fall of common-sense suggestions and is admirably adapted to the needs of humanity in general. The chapter-captions will give an excellent idea of the comprehensive and practical character of the work:.

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