Soil Degradation, Conservation and Remediation

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Springer Science & Business Media, 1 oct. 2013 - 237 pagini
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In view of the grave consequences of soil degradation on ecosystem functions, food security, biodiversity and human health, this book covers the extent, causes, processes and impacts of global soil degradation, and processes for improvement of degraded soils. Soil conservation measures, including soil amendments, decompaction, mulching, cover cropping, crop rotation, green manuring, contour farming, strip cropping, alley cropping, surface roughening, windbreaks, terracing, sloping agricultural land technology (SALT), dune stabilization, etc., are discussed. Particular emphasis is given to soil pollution and the methods of physical, chemical and biological remediation of polluted soils. This book will lead the reader from the basics to a comprehensive understanding of soil degradation, conservation and remediation.

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Soil Resources and Soil Degradation
Physical Deterioration of Soil
Soil Erosion by Water
Wind Erosion
Chemical Soil Degradation
Soil Pollution
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